Saturday, June 10, 2017

a definite improvement

spent entire friday morning rummaging and sorting and pulling out smaller pieces destined for the scrap basket...only problem is, they don't exactly fit in the scrap they have made their own little mountain, now waiting for the rotary cutter

ending up with these is the result of this.....a new and improved bookcase of yardage, mostly FQs and half yards, but there were more pieces of 2 yards or more than i had realized....looks better for sure!

and while i thought another bookcase like this would be needed, it appears as though that would be too much space.  thinking more clear shoeboxes would work better and be less expensive as well...a real plus!   here is what the overflow looks like; am thinking 12-15 clear shoeboxes readily available at ye olde dollar store

feel quite confident there is most certainly less fabric than when originally unpacked over a year ago.  while poring over nearly each piece, a gazillion projects came to mind, one a scrappy christmas cracker quilt, another a 5" churn dash in reds, a di ford or petra prins style medallion to name a few.  before those, some must-do finishes come first.   ***  scooted out this morning before extreme heat arrives to a local church that was having a free yard sale (oxymoronic?)....everything had been donated and apparently once a year the public is invited to come and freely take anything that is needed.  even though i arrived early, there was already a line of course.  i had a list with me and was able to find a desk chair and these vintage-y items, which were needed.  it's a great idea and a wonderful benefit for those of us who are monetarily challenged. 

now back to regularly scheduled sewing!

Friday, June 9, 2017

space wars

as i've trolled the 'net, this is not just my challenge....fabric and quilty do-dads take up space!  but how to keep them neat and close at hand?  with hot hot days ahead, want to get some real sewing done, but first some tidying up is in order.  since the demise of the 2nd bookcase, piles of fabric have hampered my vacuuming efforts....getting errant strings caught in the power nozzle is not a good thing.  and with a tight budget, have not been able to replace the bookcase as of yet.  so, on to plan B, a temporary resolution.  first up, the shelving unit.  placing books on the side with spine facing out freed up some space, for which i used the plaids and stripes piles.  that's them on next to bottom on the left.

next, was able to eliminate the pile of tans and some browns in front of the treadle by using my spare clear shoeboxes...

am thinking this would be the least expensive route to go for the rest...very easy to see what's available this way.  course, would need something eventually for all the shoeboxes, but maybe not.  the remaining task is this pile...

a working stash is often a messy stash.   must tackle this and see what can be done about clearing more floor space.  after having my fabric available since moving a year plus ago, i do believe i can see a reduction in the amount of fabric i have....and this is good.  just going thru the tans again, re-found some gorgeous fabrics waiting for my inspiration.   once this is completed and the floor is clear again, pretty sure i'll be more inspired to vacuum....LOL!   next up is to make my sewing to-do list for the summer.   have already prepped some travel projects for when i'll be on the go.  more sewing means more flimsies-in-waiting for quilting.  and i've been assigned a special project for mid-july, details of which i'll share later.  ***  with breakfast over, time to dress and make today's list....bye for now!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

birthday girl!

no quilting today...celebrating a special day with my dear daughter....she is the absolute best a mom could hope for!

one of her favorite pals from days gone by....our beloved pooch, named for her color...whom we nearly lost her during her inquisitive pup days when she swallowed a brillo pad and was quite ill until the diagnosis was made....she loved miss B when she fed her treats!  happy birthday my sweet!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


a flimsy!  that would be this throw-size civil war commemorative project.  have to admit, would never have chosen this particular pattern but pretty satisfied with the result so far. 

once again, the pattern photo shows it made with much darker fabrics, but using more lights has made it less foreboding and more eye catching, i think.  the square sashing is this brown with a white pinstripe, which i never thought i'd use but it works well for this and even managed to use it all...good indeed!  all the pieces are cut for the remaining 12 blocks, then it's on to the next thing which is this...

this circus theme fabric was also gifted to me 2 years ago. i fussy cut a lot of the animals and some of the border sections and then found this popcorn fabric at marden's for background.   the fussy cut squares are all different sizes so first have to make them uniform size and then plan the top.  i love these colorful clowns but am wondering if they are too scary for children.  it'll be my homage to ringling bros when finished...who ever thought circus would fold?   not me certainly.....  appreciate your thoughts about the clowns....

summer isn't even here and making good progress on the oodles of planned projects.  the basting/quilting pile has grown but it was inevitable.  made a trip to the dollar store for paper stuff and found this...a pool noodle. way better than cardboard tubes for rolling applique projects and practically free at $1...if you applique, it's a very handy item...already hacked cut mine up for a couple of projects that'll be traveling this summer.

 the skies have cleared for the moment...things to do and places to go...have a terrific day!