Saturday, September 3, 2011

a fabric's tale

see this henry glass shirting fabric?  it's the background for my red/cream northwind.  about 6 years ago, i was at a shop in north conway, nh, and bought 1 yard of this fabric in red and 1 yard in navy blue.  on my return to maine, i had second thoughts and decided i'd need more.  i called the shop and requested 2 yards more of each.  they still had red but none of blue.  i promptly ordered 2 yards of red and eventually found the blue online and also ordered 2 yards.  when the red arrived, the design on the red was a teensy bit smaller, exact same but again, smaller.  no big deal.  the blue, however, came as more of an aquamarine blue, not navy, despite being pictured as such.  i was disappointed.  eventually i used some of the blue, swapped some and gave some as a gift.  the red i kept for the northwind.  if i hadn't mentioned it, i'm pretty sure nobody would notice unless one looked very close.   even if it's noticed, it really doesn't quilt police here!  the best news is l won't have much left after finishing this quilt top...almost completely busted!

Friday, September 2, 2011

retreat friday

the past couple of days i've been making blocks for the red/cream northwind quilt.  i already have 2 rows together and this stack of 50 more (once squared up and re-pressed) to be attached.  that will make this flimsy half done!  it's going to be a rainy weekend so should be an ideal time to make real progress.  i'm also working on 2 other full-size quilts as well; one is the amish scrappy pinwheel (hand work) and i'm also quilting on the lovers' links.  right now i'm assembling the final 8 pinwheels of the amish scrappy, so soon that will be a flimsy too (empty shoebox).  with 4 months to go before the end of the year, it's possible i could get 2 of these 3 projects done; nice but not crucial.  finishing the red/cream will use up all my red scraps, a very good thing indeed, plus empty another shoebox. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

sweet september!

first, i had never used a quilter's dream batt.  at maine quilts in my tote bag was this handy little folder with samples of all their batts (more on the back).  it was the dream poly that interested me.  here was a polyester batt that felt like a cotton batt.  i went to a local shop on my birthday (20% off) and found the cotton but not the poly.  quilters rave about the cotton, so i picked one up for a future quilt but i'm still going to try the poly.  has anyone used the poly?  i'd be interested in your impression.  *****  ahhh, woke up to temps at 57 here in coastal maine.  it was hot yesterday, meaning 80.  went to the beach and stayed a couple of hours.  it's been feeling fallish here for a week or so.  there will still be good summery days ahead, but we are heading into crisp nights and nature's kaleidoscope of color.  i just love autumn! **** the red/cream northwind?  last night finished up another 20 or so blocks that will be added to the first 2 rows today (maybe).  the sewing table is strewn with tons of triangles and blocks at every stage of construction.  this time i am serious about finishing this flimsy, really!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


i added the new quilt to my "started" list and named it.....amish in the city!   so, do you think i've enough projects on my UFO and STARTED lists?  could be......stay tuned!

busting more stash

in the true spirit of stashbusting, i've pulled fabrics for yet another project.  it's a pattern i saw in the "city quilts" book i borrowed from the library, not exactly like the book but more inspired from that source.  i've got both the black and charcoal for the background.  i'd prefer to use the charcoal but i think the higher contrast with the black will be better.  the charcoal is easier as far as the actual quilting, but i may have to relent and use the black.  it's a geometric pattern, so i'm thinking of the baptist fan pattern for the quilting, which will soften the angles.  this style is a bit outside my usual quilt type, but it's the colors that grabbed me.  sort of amish goes to the big city look....

Monday, August 29, 2011

back to quilting

so, today i finished RE-basting the lovers' links quilt that i want to finish this autumn.  i bit the bullet, put up the folding table and got it done.   now, i can sit and quilt on it in the evening as we are getting temps cool enough to do so.  i hope you can see how it's going to be quilted, in the white spaces only.  also today i worked on the amish pinwheels AND the red/cream northwind.  these 3 projects plus the civil war diary are going to dominate my time for the immediate future.  once this bed-size quilt is done, i'd like to tackle another bed size and get it finished before the end of the year.  as i've said before, i'm paring down the number of bed quilts i'll make and focus more on small projects i can finish quicker.  **** went to the beach this afternoon for a few hours; no "stuff" just a chair and a bottle of water.  it was heavenly there; nice breeze, not too hot.  it was easy to see where irene had left her mark.   lots of seaweed and broken shells, driftwood and even rocks washed up.  the tide came all the way up to the parking lot, which is a fair way from usual.  we're taking advantage of every good beach day we can, soaking up all the rays we can!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

good to the last scrap

back in the 1980s when my DD was in grade school, i made her clothes.  one outfit was made from a pattern by jessica mcclintock for gunne sax.  it was a vest and prairie-type skirt with loads of lace and ribbon embellishments.  did she love it?  no, but i loved making it and loved the fabric.  this scrap is the very last piece of the red.  there was also a blue with cheddar stars and a gold with (i think) a blue design.  as i was ironing this, getting ready to strip it for the northwind, i am sooo wishing i had lots more of this.  if bonnie hunter could see it, she would drool as it has her red AND cheddar!  sorry bonnie, this piece is the very last.  the vest and skirt were handed down long ago to somebody else, but seeing this makes it seem like yesterday.   perhaps barbara brackman will include this in her 1980s repro line....that would be terrific!