Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving wishes

grateful beyond measure on this Thanksgiving day.   Though recovery is still snail's pace, progressing each day.  in past years the focus was on the sumptuous meal, but this year each breath and step remind me being a recipient of bountiful blessings.  i'll be fixing a small meal of some holiday favorites but thinking always of my loved ones and the care and protection bestowed upon me by a loving, benevolent Heavenly father....

Sunday, November 19, 2017

easing back...

by spending a few minutes putting away the last of the fabric piles into shoeboxes.  picked these up before the "halloween surprise" and wanted to finish the job today.  recovery continues at a slug's pace but each rest is fruitful in a bit more energy.  friday and saturday were busy and sure were too much, so today is kick back, keep up with exercises and do a few things around the apartment.

now all the excess stash is filed away for easy access and viewing. ***  it seems that some morally bankrupt turnip head in this complex continues to feel i am their personal ikea bag for recycling has walked away as has my kitchen timer.  the ikea bag was their 79 cent big blue tyvek one and it was perfect for managing stuff for recycling, not expensive but still ikea isn't close.  this person needs a refresher on the golden rule.   sad that housing situations, like marriage, are a mystery until one actually moves in and lives there.  was fortunate to escape a bad marriage and hoping at some point do the same from this place...but certainly not today.  the sun is shining brightly on this temperate late fall day and basking in a life that abounds in blessings.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

the gift

first post in eons due to unexpected surgery....the lifechanging kind.  God is so very good all the time. Recent cardiac visit revealed 100% block of main vessel, calcified over years.  thanks to miracle workers all along the way, have undergone surgery and out of hospital doing recovery.   strength rebuilding and activity are very slow but progressing in the tiniest of increments each day.  after many years of complaining of shortness of breath to providers who saw only my overweight status, it's time to up your game.  I could have been spared much discomfort and on the road to recovery years ago.  catching up on hundreds of emails and starting life anew with the humblest of gratitude and feeling like the luckiest person on earth.  

Friday, October 20, 2017


now that the senior center quilt is done and gone and well received, too, i might add...the next thing is to finish potholders for an upcoming fair...ran low on selvedges so had to pull stash and cut more.

they are looking good i think....using leftover bias binding pieces on hand to bind the edges with.  hoping to generate enough funds to purchase a walking foot for my machine...we'll see.  and in the hoop is a temporary project.  waiting on a backing for the next one, but in the meantime this small quilt will suffice.

it's another of my amish style quilts with no particular destination but possibly the maryland vets' home, which is in need of twin quilts.  nice to be quilting something that doesn't require any repair work along the way.  i doubt it will be done anytime soon, but nice for a change.  the real next is an antique repro being donated to my local DAR chapter.  on my income, mostly unable to donate funds but figured can give back with a quilt that can generate same.  it helps me from feeling like a charity case or somebody always with my hand out, which can happen with long-term penny pinching, not pride rather self-respect.  ***  our excellent autumn continues with cool nights and daytimes around 70s....leaves are slowly starting to turn and, if predictions prevail, it's going to be another warm winter.  perfectly ok with me if the down coat stays in the  

Monday, October 16, 2017

my weekend...

despite some nice weather this past weekend, didn't venture out even once as i was joined at the hip with this project...

it's the senior center quilt that i volunteered to hand quilt and delighted to say it is done, done, done!  it'll be handed off to another to wash and get ready for giving.  unfortunately, the quality of the construction isn't fitting for an official QOV, but it will find a good home i'm sure.  it was hand pieced some time ago--none of our current ladies worked on it--and while quilting had to reinforce several corner seams and more may come undone with the washing, we'll see.  also had to replace 2 squares as i found holes in them.  i did manage to get some laundry done and pick up some clutter, though.  it was worth taking the time to finish.  now i've potholders to finish for an upcoming fair.  even with my little job, grabbing a few opportunities to make some cash going toward eliminating debt. ***  also this weekend made the decision to look for new housing.  am simply disgusted and hugely disappointed in having to do this.  it's a nuisance and costly as well.  two weeks after i moved in here, i had gotten a call from my first choice, which was closer to the shore.  even though i love this area and have community ties, the negatives far outweigh any positives.  it'll be years, of course, so i can keep working and continue to abolish debt. hoping my health isn't compromised any further.  plus the thievery is making me downright angry.  i thought i had left the homeless shelter riff raff behind me but apparently not. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

new stash sewing

busy morning on a cool, overcast sunday.  first thing braised a small pork butt for this week's meals...onions, cider, mushrooms, apples and spices....yummmm!   it was on sale a few weeks ago and lucky to find one under 2 pounds as most were 6-7 pounds...yikes!  then took a mini-break from the senior center quilt project to do something absolutely different.  had some black fabric on the shelf i'd been saving for this and jumped right in getting 4 squares done lickety split.  this is going to be another totally-from-stash quilt using more of my solids.  you've seen it around the net done in different colorways but mine, of course, is going to be kitchen sink scrappy.  the first one i saw was done in mauves, dusty dark blues, grays and it was stunning.  always makes me think of high school art class somehow...

finally got my hands on this hoping sue grafton is solidly into the last of the series, the "Z" book...kinsey milhone is an old friend and am thrilled i've read them from "A"....

and even tho it's fairly early, the nasty natives have already lit up their horrid e-cigarettes.  am thinking this vile perp needs a C6/7 fracture, you know, the kind where your arms are only good for pushing the little lever on your electric wheelchair.  yeah, it's THAT miserable and annoying.  mind you, i am not the smoking police per se, chain smoke all you want outdoors stipulated by the lease, but mr. entitled is somehow exempt i guess....and there isn't anyone with authority who cares to enforce...i am convinced all these property managers are schooled in far haven't dealt with one that has any integrity....

Friday, October 13, 2017

a find!

had to visit a small quilt shop downtown to pick up a gift certificate donated to our guild.  it's a lovely little shop with a very old stone fireplace smack dab in the main room.  i was hoping to find something to redeem a birthday gift sent to me.  lots of pretty things and plenty of jo morton fabrics too!  i found this FQ of a print i had never seen; must have been before my day as a jo morton devotee...a gorgeous paisley that i certainly would have bought more of had i seen it...

have no idea what line it's from but isn't it gorgeous?  i've got plans already of course....and it's cooled down here but still not cold enough for christmas.  even so, santa made an early stop and this was in my mailbox from a maine quilty pal.  she obviously reads my blog...a very sincere friend with a full plate but her glass always seems half full if not overflowing with inner joy.  already i've been trolling the internet for some background fabrics and making plans for some of my next paycheck...isn't that how it goes anyway?  really excited about this project, which is helping me get thru the senior center's quilt that is almost done.  this week will see it outta here finally and me free to go on to another quilting project, hoping for at least one UFO finish before january. 

i am so humbled by this gift which was totally unnecessary but delightful regardless.  this person's friendship is more than enough gift for me anytime....

Sunday, October 8, 2017

book reviews

one of my job perks is first look at new things...saturday these were on my cart but never made it to the shelf...first up, a nice scrappy book by the author of "sunday morning quilts"...i loved that book but felt all the projects were too time consuming.

this book, however, has projects that incorporate small and larger pieces.   lovely full-color photos, sections for each shape--square, triangle, rectangle, strips, snippets--that jump started my quilty muse.  if you need inspiration or are over-run with a particular size, you'll get great ideas here.  the next new book is tula pink's...

this book, too, has luscious color photos, some rudimentary information, detailed construction info plus innovative patterns--no surprise there--plus some really detailed machine quilting ideas.  about the same number of patterns as the first book (i didn't count) but more involved for somebody looking to venture outside of a wide comfort zone.  i offer these reviews simply as my observations, without author obligation and no remuneration whatsoever except that of inspiring and informing fellow sewists...caveat:  not a repro print in sight either!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

well done quilters!

a post on stashbusters' yahoo group from betty at the West Houston Quilt Guild:

Thank You to Stash Busters
After putting out an appeal to the Yahoo group, Stash Busters, concerning our loss we have received donations from all over the continental US as well as from Hawaii. These generous ladies have donated dozens of quilt tops (with/without backing), numerous complete quilts in every design possible, several hundred yards of fabric, rolls of batting (count is up to 6), jelly rolls, complete quilt kits, miscellaneous tools, and assorted 1 to 1 1/2 yard pieces, gift cards and checks.

Friday, October 6, 2017

charm-ing surprise!

thursday's post brought me this little surprise....

a small packet filled with big color....a charm pack of kaffe blues/greens...this will go directly into the pouch with my applique project and the other kaffes that came last week...what a lovely surprise after a sorta chaotic week...culminating with taking miss subaru in for some maintenance and a search for that awful odor that, unfortunately, could not be narrowed down.  more tests were recommended but alas, the car repair budget is busted so will have to muddle along hoping that it's nothing life threatening.  then a quick trip to farm stand for cider and last-gasp little cukes...have put off fall veggies until all the summer ones have gone by.  *** this weekend devoted to apartment tidy, a bit of work, some much-needed sewing (for my mental wellbeing) and relax for medical tests next week.  nothing serious, just regular life-stage monitoring.  summer is back for a few days so gotta find those shorts!