Saturday, April 22, 2017

a foul deed....

This beautiful Lakota star quilt was stolen off the altar of a church in Pine Ridge, South Dakota yesterday.   The evil that men--and sometimes women--do takes no holiday...ever.   I saw this on facebook first thing this morning and was sickened.   Our native citizens have already suffered way more than is humanly tolerable and this just adds to the insult.   Hoping that by getting the word out, this will lose its value for the perp and be returned unscathed.  If I were flush, I'd rent a billboard.  ***  the weekend is here and my to-do list is in good shape.  have to add re-washing kitchen floor after dropping entire jar of applesauce that shattered and splattered.  doll quilt is done and ready to mail.  log cabin flimsy done and outta here.  just 3 lap robes to finish and a summer top for the DD and I can get back to UFOs in earnest.  taking a summer break from charity sewing and already have more than enough projects lined up....job?  who has time for a job???

Monday, April 17, 2017

design wall monday

even though it's a cloudy and rainy monday here, my heart is joyful....something about Easter monday always makes me feel good....the tragedy and horror of the crucifixion is over and resurrection has breathed new life into the world....

so, been playing in the plaids doubt bonnie hunter will recognize these blocks.  since my charity and swap sewing is on track and nearly done, took a break for some stash fun. 

this is bonnie's 'bargain basement' pattern that have been itching to of 42 blocks are needed plus a couple of nice borders.  just happened to have some little 3.5" solid squares in the elfa drawer waiting for this project.  will be great for hand quilting too....stay tuned!

and the other day got re-acquainted with this UFO of some hand-pieced bow tie blocks, also in solid...

the little 4-patches were made up of some tiny sample squares flung to me a couple of years ago, and the plum strips are repurposed from another project, leading to this...

this flimsy will need a total of 20 blocks of 16 little bow tie blocks...i've got 7 blocks done so nearly halfway there....but still need about 200 bow ties.   so you see, i AM trying very hard to use up my stash but still don't seem to be sewing fast enough.....does anyone really?  ***  as far as adding to the stash, i caved this year for jo morton's little women club from busy thimble in maine, which should arrive soon.  that plus the current UFOs are on my summer sewing list, while a much-needed break from charity work is planned.  but you know what they say about plans....LOL!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

happy easter!

my second Easter here in the south and it's gonna be a warm one, like 85 degrees!  sending Easter and Passover greetings to all my blog readers....

Monday, April 10, 2017

one more thing....

this is my 2nd year participating in humble quilts' doll quilt mentioned previously, mine is in process, but i did receive a very pretty spools doll quilt from danice in AL....danice also got my name last year and sent me a little chinese coins quilt along with a handkerchief doll that sits on my treadle...thank you danice!

what a great way to use up some of those fabrics with larger prints....

yes, another post!

being without my laptop has really cramped my blogging but do have some things to show, so making the supreme effort to bring it up to date.  need to change header photo but that is for another day....since my last post have gotten some sewing done...for instance, the doll clothes are done and gone!  they were well received and that makes me happy....the money too i have to admit.  also, did some traveling and found the beach!  yes, real sand and sea....a bit of a drive, but also obtained my lifetime state park pass for a pittance so now i am good to go to any state park for free.  here are a few photos i took....the beach itself isn't huge, rather long and narrow compared to maine beaches, but salt water it is and i don't even have to think about crossing that horrific bridge!

it looks a little nondescript, but trust me, it is a very spacious and large park with several areas for boat launch, private group parties, a first aid building, a concession stand and bath house, plus areas of shade with plenty of picnic tables and grills.  *** and last week was a sort of perfect storm of mini-disasters....first, my wrist watch died, then one of my fabric shelves deconstructed and lastly, my portable radio/CD player fell off the bed and bit the dust.  the watch was replaced first....but the other two are on hold for the moment for that always-in-need stash of cash. 

so for the time being, will be diving into this fabric pile for anything i might need stash-wise. 
also finished all the borders on this "sunshiny day" wall piece.   goes into the finish pile for some basting marathon day.  

working on a doll quilt for upcoming swap that i can't yet show, plus something for my mom for mother's day and also a mug rug for another swap.  the milky way masquerade is just about ready to bind, and so prepped the binding for that plus sunshiny day at the same time.  *** aside from these things, doing the usual and a couple of fun freebie things as well.  spring/early summer has arrived here with temps in the 80s today and tomorrow.  everything is blooming and green; can't believe non-winter has come and gone so quickly.  and how about that crazy giraffe???? 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

catching up!

spring in full swing here in the mid-atlantic....blooms are everywhere and leaves are starting to sprout.  today it's nearly 70, although it does fluctuate some, but most days around 60 for right now.  the one positive about no 24/7 laptop is that more sewing gets done.  these past few weeks have been making doll clothes and got them all done!

these 2 dresses, 2 flannel nitegowns, a few blouses and a top/pants set have kept me busy...aren't theyy cute?  then a friend gave me 1/3 yard of a delish african print fabric, which i promptly used for a pillowcase.  i don't normally make pillowcases but wanted to use this up as it is so stunning!

next, DD the expert cross-stitcher, had made me this piece a while back and because professional framing is out of my budget, turned it into a small wall piece to hang up....just needs a bit of quilting to keep it from flopping and it'll be done....nice work, eh?

last to show is a small quilt put together with some of the dargate basket blocks....still have lots of these to applique, but an upcoming doll quilt swap prompted me to see if this would's actually too large for the guidelines, but really nice otherwise.  it goes in the F to finish pile to be hand quilted.

in addition to these projects, have worked on a garment for DD, done a lot of quilting on the milky way which is just about ready to bind.  had hoped for a march finish but not quite unfortunately.  also the stack of log cabin squares that i was working on for a disaster relief top are now done, total 80 altogether.  next week they will get laid out and sewn together, getting this UFO outta my home and off my list!   still 3 lap robes to make for charity, the previously mentioned doll quilt for swapping to baste/quilt/bind, a mug rug and one more side of piano keys on the sunshiny day wall piece to do.   i'm also quilting a QOV made by the senior center gals, hoping to get it completed to present for memorial day or maybe D-day anniversary or flag day even.  that should clear the decks for me to have the summer to work on my own things.  have several that are almost to the flimsy stage that need some time.  so you see, manage to keep occupied despite being otherwise financially bereft.  thank goodness the stash is healthy and waiting for lots of quilty fun!

Monday, March 20, 2017

spring break....

all is fine here at casa frederick, just taking a bit of a hiatus from the blog for (ahem) technical reasons.....spring has sprung!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

snow day sewing...

the old viking and i are playing today with some doll clothes sewing.   a set of pjs, top/pants, another top and a flannel nitegown and cap are done so far and ready for play.   also on today's list is a top for my dear daughter and some hand quilting as well.  despite being in the "bullseye" per the weatherman, stella hasn't been as bad as predicted.  seems like new england is getting the full force, but the sun is out now and no appreciable snow is falling.  it might be a lull but could just be it for us.  no important plans all week, so matters little to me.  if boredom sets in, variety of other things to sew and planning for an upcoming doll quilt swap.  linking up with "oh scrap" so hop on over to see who else is sewing today!

Friday, March 10, 2017

super stars!

the wednesday guild had a workshop the other day and it was fun to go and sew with some quilty peeps.  the big blocks were perfect for some large prints, so ran to my kaffe pile to pull some lights and darks and had just enough of this celery green solid for the background.   working with these bright colors certainly revs up my sewing mojo.  wanted to get it to the flimsy stage and avoid another bag/box UFO.  when finished, it'll hang on one of my neutral walls for a wow splash of color.   the large pieces in the blocks are ideal for hand quilting.   fun to use up some fabric that had been hoarding for that "someday", and the title?  describes kaffe perfectly i think!   ***  was spring here but today a taste of winter with a few flurries and now a week ahead of very cold temps and perhaps even a more substantial storm.  nice to know that most of my activities are of the "want to" kind, so can opt to stay home and sew if desired. and now that the old viking has had some play time, no doubt she'll want more as she's been sorely neglected for far too long.  oh, i think i hear her calling me now.....

Saturday, March 4, 2017

not quilt related....for the fat police

An elderly man was walking through a park and saw a little boy with eight candy bars sitting on a bench. As the boy finished the last one, the man said, "You shouldn't eat all those candy bars, son, it'll make you sick." The boy said, "Sir, my grandfather lived to be one-hundred-and-nine years old..." The man asked, "And did he eat eight candy bars a day?" "No," replied the boy, "But he minded his own business!"

this was sent to me as a joke but if you are on the "fluffy" side--aka fat---then it is a battle cry.  self-appointed do-gooders to the fat population are always lurking, nutritional advice and tsk tsk always rolling off their tongues.   we all know who the fat people are; so many times i feel quite thankful for being quite healthy considering my shape and silently mourn for those who are not.  most of my health issues stem from the botched surgery in 2010....i could brag about my lab numbers but i won't. my diet is pretty healthy but does include some junk food, for which i harbor no guilt.  i'll never be a twiggy, have a ballerina's or gymnast's physique.  i seldom require medical attention--a lot less than some thin people for sure.  so consider this a word to all you who think you are doing society a favor....

and today celebrating my non-anniversary....a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, i stupidly married the absolute wrong man on this auspicious day.  after 11 terrible years, a saint intervened and was soon shed of this mistake.  so now i celebrate this day with glee....