Friday, September 22, 2017

halfway to flimsy

with the addition of another row, the orange mod top is now halfway completed.  am liking this more and more as the blocks get added.  no border is planned, and have plenty of orange binding leftover from the hawaiian ready for the finish--once the quilting is done, that is.

have a spool of aurifil's variegated orange/yellow thread that might be just the ticket...except for the gray design that'll get quilted with white probably.  and even though i *thought* i had plenty of orange scraps, might have to actually shop for some...but will do my best to avoid any retail acquisitions if i can.   *** spent most of today on the QOV trying for a september finish and i just might make it.  eager to move on to something else that 1) isn't orange and 2) isn't patriotic....i did work a bit today on a repro UFO just for a change of pace. ***  summer has returned to maryland with very warm days and nice, cool nights....tipping over into 90s for the weekend.  ***  lastly, so very thankful no storms came near us and my family who met Irma all got thru safely.

Monday, September 18, 2017

monday design wall

even though spent most of sunday quilting the QOV--10 blocks to go!--just this morning finished up this little piece that used waste triangles from the orange mod.

saw the pattern in this issue of American Patchwork when it arrived last month....and although i would have preferred to make it in the blues, the oranges were at hand...but it works and saved the waste triangles from the trash.  not sure what i'll do with all the rest of them, but they are kinda small for other uses.

and remember those roasted tomatoes?  well, put them in the chopper, added some basil and parsley, some chicken stock and a bit of heavy cream and it's soup!  it's the first time i've made my own creamy tomato soup and it won't be the last. a great way to use garden's a bit chunky which is my preference.  try'll like it!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

it's a winner!

my guild's opportunity quilt for this year won best of show at the great frederick fair!

proud to say i was a contributor to this beautiful autumn quilt.  i made some of the paper-pieced leaves and then appliqued 2 sections of the outer border.  we used all batiks and the fabrics were gorgeous!  the fair is a big deal here in frederick.  it started yesterday.  one of my quilty peeps from the senior center entered 3 quilts this year.  ***  just spent some quality time with dear daughter....every time we visit, it reinforces my decision to move here closer to her and her dear hubster.   not just mother and daughter, we're now at the friends too stage and i couldn't be happier or more blessed.  ***  with no real household chores this weekend, hoping to make big progress on the senior center quilt and some orange blocks too, even though would really like to play in the stash and start some new things.  just have to be disciplined i guess....

Thursday, September 14, 2017

oh santa.....

pretty sure it isn't too early to appeal to the jolly old elf....i watched this "how to" video again today--i really shouldn't--but i was drooling after about a minute....

it's the ulmer quilt frame and has a hefty price tag but oh my's the rolls royce of quilt frames i do believe.   watch the demo if you dare!!! sigh)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

by george...

i think i've got it!  or as they say in new england, "light dawns over marblehead" meaning marble been staring at this work in progress all summer and wondering why it was so problematic for me...but today pulled out the book and fabrics to make more blocks...that's when a red marker at hand proved to be the problem solver...

as you can see, i had marked off the individual blocks with pencil to erase later but wasn't definitive enough to allow me to construct individual blocks with ease....after i did that, it came to me that, duh! all the blocks are exactly alike!  my creative gray cells were overthinking them because of the alternate gray fabrics for the design...well, after that got 2 done lickety split.  and now can go on from here without trepidation...whew! 

anxious to spend time at the machine and get this top done as well.  *** today while channel surfing looking for something to watch suitable for those with IQs over 50, happened on one of those mongrel movie channels advertising a movie with de niro and philip seymour hoffman called "flawless" about a macho ex-cop, now suave man about town, who suffers a debilitating stroke and his drag queen neighbor who gives him singing lessons to relearn speech.  subject matter aside (i prefer lighter entertainment while sewing), watching these 2 A-list actors was mesmerizing.  hoffman was clearly at the top of his craft in this sleeper movie, all the more sad due to his own early demise.  there are drug thugs and stolen money involved as well, but honestly, the performances were first rate.  i was just lucky they weren't running "donovan's reef" for the billionth time...i see it nearly every day in the tv guide.  now back to my own personal "mod" squad......

Monday, September 11, 2017


all florida relatives safe and well....huge answer to prayer!

irma sewing

instead of just mindlessly staring at the weather channel, figured i could get something done...pulled out the selvedge shoebox to proceed with potholders for upcoming gift giving..

been stockpiling these for a while and even gifted some by vic in nh....did make a pillow with some a while back and some little needlecases too....

these'll get turned into nifty potholders...they make great gifts....all from scraps!   *** another beauty of a day....popped a quiche in the oven to use up some milk and laundry is also on the list.   keeping busy while waiting to hear from florida gang...i know they are safe but will be reassuring to hear all the same.  even though it's september 11th, only irma seems to be on everyone's mind....

Sunday, September 10, 2017

southward prayers

my heart and mind are focused on florida....sending prayers for safety to family in irma's direct path....

Saturday, September 9, 2017


moira had a giveaway over on her blog and wow, i won!  it's one of those fabulous quiltmaker 100 blocks issues...

it's the fall 2014 issue but no matter, sure it's chock full of quilty fun.  moira often designs blocks for these issues and that is awe-inspiring to me as i am not a designer in any way, shape or manner. i follow patterns, that's about it.  ***  another perfect late summer day.  first thing roasted a whole cookie sheet of fresh tomatoes for soup.  i'll puree these a bit, leaving some chunks of course, and pop in the freezer for cool winter days...just add some stock, dried basil and parsley and a bit of milk/cream and it's ready!

did some other veggie cooking for the weekend....that leaves only laundry--piles and piles of laundry!

Friday, September 8, 2017

attention all quilters!

LONG POST BUT IMPORTANT!!!!  for many years now, i've been a member of the yahoo group "stashbusters" whose mission was to encourage us to use our you can imagine, mine has grown exponentially since so in that sense, the group is a complete!   BUT, i have met many wonderful quilters including the famous bonnie hunter thru this group and a few even in person!   this was posted just a day ago and i wanted to share with you.  i've already sent along 2 quilt batts thru amazon, a super easy thing to do.  am including the contact info for betty as it just might be that some of you will be able to help as well...imagine if ALL your stash were lost, your UFOs, your quilts....not life threatening of course, but devastating to a quilter nonetheless.  nobody is going to check up on you or make you report back, this is entirely voluntary and for you to act as your heart prompts.  many of us, even with personal daily struggles and challenges, are blessed beyond measure...i know i am...even just recently with that astounding gift of aurifil thread.  happy to pay it forward....


Gosh, how do I ask..

The storage unit with about 40 full sized disaster quilts, 80+ Nursing home quilts, 60+ Linus Quilts, Christmas Stockings, a new roll of batting, about 40 Preemie quilts, and untold yards of fabric, cutting boards, shelving,, and so on were lost due to flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

One of my best friends (Nita Beard - chairman of WHQG Comfort Quilts) is just devastated. They had over 4 feet of water in the storage unit where we store this stuff... The Storage place said it is a total loss as it has been under water for over a week, and is too toxic to even come and look at, and is still underwater (at least 2 feet) as long as the Addicks reservoir is still releasing water.

Of course all Nita's Bee members have donated a bunch of fabric. but, this was a storage unit 10 x 20 foot FULL of fabric.

Last week, I asked for jelly rolls for Tri-County Quilt guild. They had OVERWHELMING success. Standing room only, making jelly roll quilts.

This is for West Houston Quilters Guild. Our meeting location (Bear Creek and in the the middle of the Addicks Reservoir) is under several feet of water. Closed until further notice. The storage unit is in the midst of this.

The Comfort Quilters will begin again. We are starting from scratch. Nita had about 40 kits in her car,, and that is what we have to start with.

We have some Hobbs UPC codes to try to get some batting again.

****We could use:
--Hobbs UPC codes - ANY Hobbs product.
--Yardage to get us started again.
--Quilt tops
--Finished quilts

Just devastated at what we lost, to help others.... Very discouraged. Nita with her positive attitude says that all will be well, and that God will take care.

***Any donations can be sent to me or I can give you Nita's address.

Betty Baker
Attn: WHQG Disaster
17412 Bobcat Trail
Cypress TX 77429

We will start over... gosh, still grieving over what was lost. Our Thursday Bee is starting with a sew-in in a next week to piece tops. A couple of Bee members with longarms and I have volunteered to quilt anything that comes in.

This is a different group from Tri-County. I am a member of both.

Cypress TX
www.TShirtQuiltsTX. com