Saturday, February 18, 2017

last pile....

of sew-along blocks now a (mostly) flimsy...still needing setting triangles, fabric yet to be chosen.  it has taken me all week along to get the last 2 rows done and put this together in between the tasks required for recuperation that are very slowly producing result. 

only 2 blocks left over that'll go in the orphan pile.  when these were being made, didn't realize how many reds and blues got used but still a good mix of some of everything else--purple, gold, green, cheddar, poison yellow.   leaning toward cheddar for setting triangles as have enough on hand.   ***  making a herculean effort to dress and take in some spring-like temps this weekend and most of next week.  looks like february is a no-snow month and if we squeak thru march, it will have been a snowless winter start to family in maine are too busy digging out to even THINK of spring!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

spring already???

at the PO the other day, spied this....a large forsythia shrub just starting to bloom...and this wasn't the first forsythia i'd seen in bloom either....that's what our winter has been i miss snow?  not a whit!  haven't cleaned the car off once either....still out of commission with a particularly horrid bronchitis that is improving a bit at a time and nowhere near fast enough for me.   my machine gals miss me and i miss them, although i've been doing a bit of hand quilting.....back to baseline soon i hope....

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

$10 ott lite....

well just a "shade" over $10  (ouch...terrible pun)....but with shorter days, found more light was needed in the sewing corner.  with a budget on life support opted for Plan B....local thrift and a $2.99 lamp and 99 cent shade, then to joann's for an ott-lite bulb (on sale 50% off) which made it $7.50 and voila!  ott-lite brightness for a pittance.  

this isn't the first time went this route.  my mom had a floor lamp ott-lite that finally died.  without funds to get a pricey new lamp, just bought the bulb and used it in a lamp she already had on her chair-side table....worked perfect!  ****  another trip to the local walk-in for (finally) antibiotics. bronchitis tad better but still energy draining and symptomatic.  one of these weeks hope to be able to function again.  ***   and what's that yellow peeking thru on the corner?   a bit of sunshiny scrappy sewing that's taking way longer than it should due to illness, but hope to reveal soon.  otherwise, girls (old viking, trudy, phoebe) are on continued hiatus--not too much longer i hope. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

thrifty switch

in the interests of keeping stash visible and handy without investing in more storage, decided to repurpose this organic spinach container.  as you can see, the inchie scraps had way outgrown my little fabric basket and this way, can access them easier and quicker for leader/ender sewing fun!

another repurposed container holds a small project in's been a challenging month...first mobility issues with right leg that affected my pedal foot too.  after xrays and starting PT, happy to say nearly back 100%.....just in time for a particularly vicious roaring bronchitis which, i believe, was brought on by the nasty little smokers in the building who smoke in their apartments evenings and weekends...not to mention those little old ladies who overdose on perfume and air fresheners.  i thought the 5th floor would provide plenty of fresh air but so far been disappointed....and then there is that OTHER issue....ongoing problems with surgery from 2010.   had i only broken a mirror, would now be enjoying relief, but since had the misfortune to put my bodily functions into the hands of one who must have gotten her medical license at K-mart, am still dealing with those annoying and often painful issues.  thankfully can modify my schedule when need be since i seem to be officially retired from regular work.  *** even with these intrusions, happy and grateful to have a home and a place where i can be sick and sloppy without interference.  even though our weather isn't winter-like at all, the thought of homeless people in severe winter conditions reminds me how blessed i am.....

Saturday, February 4, 2017

3 down, 1 to go...

that would be sew-along flimsies...the 365 and westering women are done and now so is the farmer's wife...turns out not enough blocks were completed for 8 rows so opted for 7 and calling it done. 

100 years from now only the most dogged researcher will know the difference...and now you do too, of course.   but to be honest, am bored with it along with being a bit impressed with myself that i got this many done and they look fairly good.  the instructions called for a border but no border for this, just put into the finish pile for a basting day--after a good iron.  *** happy to say the stars/time warp is nearly ready to put aside as well....just a couple of single rows to get the whole top's on point as well...with setting triangles to come later after the right fabric is chosen.  the pile of blocks was haunting me, so now they will be off the table.   february is off to a good start!

Friday, February 3, 2017

it only took 37 years...

for me to get the hang of the log cabin block....i've made them in the past, even did a swap, but alas they were done WRONG!   i chalk it up to my lefthandedness as was turning the blocks and adding new logs the opposite of the correct way....well, that's my own justification anyway.  these were started in a workshop at the now defunct crafters' quarters in amesbury, massachusetts, a few years ago and thankfully, the instructor gave me a lefthander's guide to out of the UFO vault and getting finished for a flimsy for disaster relief thru my church. 

working from my 1.5" scrap bin, which shows NO signs at all of being depleted.  this is the double shoebox size, too.  only 39 blocks to go to get 80 made for the ladies to assemble and finish. there are a few more projects like this needing to be unearthed, finished and sent along for similar result, which is helping to reduce MY inventory while providing benefit for somebody else, a win/win all around.  there'll be plenty of 1.5" strips left (alas!) but a new mag in the mail today showed a terrific scrappy that'll be just right for using up more.  ***  winter, or what marylanders call winter, continues without any snow still!!!  this new england transplant is simply stunned and, even more surprising, a forsythia bush in bloom was seen just the other day....amazing indeed for february....loving this new winter normal....not ONCE have i had to clean snow off the still my heart!

Monday, January 30, 2017

got pins?

as part of the WITB (what's in the box/bag) challenge at the yahoo group 'stashbusters', found these just waiting to be finished....the pink is pretty ancient, meaning 70s, whereas the bluebird is more recent.  not official UFOs but now no pangs of regret knowing they are languishing in the tote.

and with valentine's approaching, finished up this little wallhanging as a these fabrics...was pictured as a pillow but this is more useful....a gift for my mom to hang on her apartment door--and this one is on the UFO list, so another cross off....

and today is must-do vacuum and floors....a busy week of sewing and guild fun ahead with no time for boring tasks....the stars/time warp is a half flimsy at this point that needs to get done so can begin my double wedding ring sew's the only one i'm planning for this year and it has no deadline AND it's from the scrap basket, which is now overflowing again.   soooo many scraps and soooo little time!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

reasonable facsimile

with nary a flake here in least my area....have to make do with the fabric kind....this is my latest finish, the snowman candlemat.  had gotten this pattern some years ago for a swap gift and liked it so much, bought it for myself....and now it's done. 

used flannel for a batt, but used 2 layers which was really too much, so another learning experience but it'll work fine.  and a kind fellow quilty blogger sent me the carrot button for the nose...and while hacking away at some of these small projects, quilting continues on the milky way masquerade.   the westering women blocks are together and now just need tying and binding for a finish as 2 tables are stacked with WIPs  (works in progress) that keep me focused.....and now that mr. sun has made his appearance, back to the workshop!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


finally these 2 small and ancient cross stitch projects are in their frames....the frames themselves go back to a small shop in mansfield, massachusetts, called "the picket fence" and were purchased in the 70s maybe?  could have been 80s though...this was before I had decided to focus on only quilting.  have a few more cross stitch pieces that need framing and/or DD is an expert and it is her pretty much solitary craft, so have saved my stuff for her to go through when all my projects are done.   even though my home is a small apartment, hand made items make it quite homey and cozy...and camouflages the institutional box look.  and have racked up another UFO finish, my snowman candlemat that will show another day as it's drying after being washed.   now on to the next project!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

three to go....

that's 3 rows of course....not a moment too soon....setting these on point is a bigger chore than had anticipated....but have to say not looking too bad. 

needs a good press and some tidying/trimming of seams, but so far looking better than anticipated.  not adding any borders, will just baste, quilt and bind.  another project that was a ton of work....must have been daydreaming when took on this plus the 365....small blocks are like venus flytraps...luring one in until it's too late to escape.   have also sewn some on the stars project, but primary goal is to get this to the flimsy stage and tidy up the mess....vacuuming still not done but pointless until this is completed as far as it can be.   ***  still no winter here and that makes me a very happy marylander indeed!