Saturday, June 30, 2012

batik beauties

i am not a new quilter by any means.  over the years i heard many gush over batiks and simply didn't get it.  now i can't believe i didn't pay closer attention to these awesomely gorgeous fabrics.  first, the pattern itself is inconsequential.  it is all about the color and the movement the pattern makes.  though i tend to stay away from dark greens and browns, the tropical colors and the indigos grab me.  such was the case at a maine shop the other was their month-long sale. lest you gasp over yet more added stash, these are FQs or quarter yards; the blues are fat 8ths, so the total is not that alarming, simply as it was so difficult to choose and i wanted to bring home all of them (i didn't).   i have a scrappy quilt in mind using all batiks.  hard to believe they all go together but they do, they really do.  on today's agenda?  make a list of all that needs to be done before vacation arrives.  i've only a little over 3 months to do it!

Friday, June 29, 2012

what was i thinking?

did i say new book?  when i put back my kaffe fassett book, i saw this one again.  it came from amazon, meaning it was used AND it has more than enough patterns to satisfy my baltimore quilt hunger.  so now i can forget about that new book (sorry, mimi) and use this instead.  now to scout out those elves!  **** went daytripping a bit yesterday on a glorious, perfect june day.  went somewhere quilty too...but that's for another post, so stay tuned.  **** and a thank you to bonnie who has posted scads of photos from her vermont classes.  i haven't been to the new venue and was avoiding it a bit, but it looks comfy and adequate, not to mention cool from a/c, so maybe next year.  i tried last year but the 2 classes i wanted were filled 4 days after registration opened, can you believe it?  even though it's a terrific show, it's still a 3+ hour ride from where i am, so not really a day trip.  i confess, i am still influenced by my treks to VQF years ago when it was hot and humid and there was no a/c anywhere. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

where ARE those elves?

you remember the story, right?  the elves who came into the workshop at night and made shoes for the shoemaker?  well, where are they anyway?  i've got the fabric and the book, and i thought they might sneak in and make this beautiful quilt for me....not too much to ask i don't think, do you?  too bad buying the book doesn't automatically get the quilt done, i say.  if so, i'd have a bigger stack of finished things and a bigger collection of books too, no doubt.  how did this thought enter my head?  i'm thinking about another book i'd like to have, a beginning baltimore quilt book by mimi dietrich.  a baltimore quilt has been on my "to do someday" list.  too bad i can't buy the book and have those elves come around.  wouldn't that be easy?  and it would then justify buying the book too, which is my current quandary.....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

if you're saying....

what, another new project?   you'd be wrong...this time anyway.  i have seen these little baskets appliqued all over blogland and they are sooo cute!  i had to try one.  i found the pattern free on the internet and copied it to the right size for this 6" block of shirtings, of which i have a huge stack i got in a swap.  i do like them a lot and of course i have plenty of fabric for a gazillion of them, but for now it was just a "try and see" block.  i'm busy quilting on my amish pinwheel, doing a bit of cross-stitch and applique and for a machine project, it's the amish ocean waves flimsy.  **** of course were are in the throes of real summer here in lobster-land, though it has been a cool week here in lake woebegone east.  have a few fun things planned for the summer so far and thinking ahead (and making those lists) for my october retreat, which will be here far too soon.  worse than that, i know it'll go by even faster than that.  now for a book and bed, tomorrow is another day!

Monday, June 25, 2012


nearly 2 years ago, i enjoyed my first trip to lancaster for fabric shopping.  i came home with 11.5 yards of fabric, mostly solids, in a very cramped suitcase.  now i'm delighted to say this is just about all that's left.  there are some scraps and a few pieces under a FQ size but the majority has been used up as of today.  from the charcoal i cut pieces for an ocean waves quilt in progress.  using the charcoal is a world of difference choice than black, much easier on the eyes.  there is a spool of charcoal aurifil quilting thread just waiting for this quilt, too.  **** with a week of showers looming for just about every day, it'll be great sewing time.  that new bottle of sunscreen is just going to have to wait a bit until mr. sun returns.