Saturday, August 13, 2016

horse before cart....

while clearing off the ironing table, happened to glance over and saw an unfinished christmas project from last year--the 12 days of christmas tiny blocks--and realized that planning yet another christmas project was putting the cart before the horse, so pulled out the 12 days and did some auditioning to get this into a flimsy and then a finish for ? maybe august ? september...

these blocks are tiny, meaning 3" the 365 blocks....and shopped the stash once more for a suitable green....they all work but leaning toward upper left or upper right.   basting table is still up, so now that scraps under control, a basting day is on tap for sometime next week.   ***  it seems like i've sewn a tremendous amount this year but without enough finishes to support the effort.   makes me realize just how much sewing time the 365 has consumed.   more discouraging is the measly yardage busted as many of the actual finishes were small pieces, not all big quilts.  so, with 4.5 months left in 2016, maybe can get at least a couple of bigger quilts done and rack up a respectable use of actual fabric.  in any case, enjoying the process and whatever doesn't get used will still be there for shopping and sewing fun.   

Thursday, August 11, 2016

back on track

after a mini-detour, today printed up the most recent blocks and got these done today....looking pretty good i think...can definitely see improvement in my machine piecing efforts...

up to august 4th, but you can see that a few hours of sewing is really productive.  but before these got sewn, westering women block 7 was put together, so current on something at least...

and inbetween went shopping in my stash. while trolling the internet and various blogs, stumbled on a christmas sew along, 25 blocks measuring 6" finished....pulling these helped quick start my mojo.  would like to participate in this christmas sew-along, but ultimately hinges on other fall sure was fun shopping anyway....aren't they pretty?  

and thanks to the camera, see that the turquoise is a bit too dark so back to the store...LOL!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

double vision?

not really, if you look close that is....both wall pieces are now flimsies and there were 4 little 9-patch squares left that have gone into the orphan block pile.  really like how they turned out....finishes for 2017 maybe? 

and a heartwarming sight empty scrap basket!   i'll be needing a new rotary cutter blade, and all the little units have been put away in their shoeboxes....will be cruising for patterns for 2.5" strips and squares as that shoebox is chock full now.  

ventured outside for a very few minutes as the bookmobile was here.   this is a fantastic comes twice a month and all i have to do is reserve stuff online and pick it up.  today's haul was 4 dvds and 3 books.   didn't dawdle as it was quite hot and oppressive.  ***  next task?  print out sew-along block instructions and start sewing!  

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

between blocks

doesn't mean there isn't anything to contraire!!  this piece has been on the design wall almost since i moved in 4 months ago and it was overdue for a finish, well the flimsy anyway. 

this is midnight garden wallhanging....the beautiful fabric was gifted to me by a maine friend over a year ago when i "thought" i was going to be moving soon....this is an homage to her, someone whose life is challenging every day, but yet finds solace and peace in her cozy, chic, country home, her garden, chickens and bees!   she is the living image of the proverbs 31 woman, someone who wears many hats and finds time to quilt as well.   in spite of her personal burdens, she took time to console me in my disappointment and homelessness with a thoughtful devotional book that i use every day and have gifted to others as well.   am always inspired of how much she accomplishes and how she just takes on every day with a smile and positivity.  she is often confined at home, but has made delicious lemonade out of pretty sour lemons....a fine example to us all!   then there is this piece that got revamped....

you might recall a piece some time ago made with just the nine-patch squares and it was blah to the max!  so, deconstructed and added in some hourglass blocks and am more satisfied with the outcome...enough blocks for 2 of these, this one with the gold fabric on the sides and the next will have the red fabric on the sides.  so no longer languishing in blocks limbo.   all this while watching "hinterland" on netflix.....terrific shows indeed!  ****  tackled the scrap basket once again last night when olympic watching and making progress but not empty yet...stay tuned!