Saturday, March 26, 2016

the street where i live....

yes, have finally arrived in maryland at my new senior housing complex (thursday) and signed my lease friday so homeless no more!  nobody is happier than me, i can tell you...

of course there is NO SNOW here at all...spring is in full swing and loving it! my apartment is newly renovated and very nice...lots of amenities like many senior digs. just today got the car finally emptied, a huge task! had a nice trip down over 2 days, my brother came with me and drove.  he is a keeper, i will tell you!  things will improve once the moving van arrives with bed and rest of my household and sewing things.   for now roughing it and taking ibuprofen regularly...LOL!  of course parting with my maine family was tough, but closer to my one and only peep who has been in touch and is visiting soon.  feels so strange living alone again after so long, but have connected with senior center close by and next week library and guilds.  do not plan to hermit in the room by myself all the time if it can be helped.  course, a little job of some sort is on the agenda too as student loans always loom large.  ***  traveling through PA my brother desired to stop at the martin guitar factory and i was happy we made him beam from ear to ear...a short visit but a life-long memorable one....i took this photo of him....he is my hero this week for sure.  made the trip fun and seem shorter than usual. *** posts will be sporadic until comcast and i touch base. and did i mention?  there is a craft room that was said that nobody uses....until now that is!  

Monday, March 21, 2016

a finish!

couldn't let march go until a finish was posted....the summer sampler sew along from last summer is done!  the blocks are small at 4" finished and it is a bit larger than first realized.  it'll hang at mum's and pretty up her place, along with the table topper and valance, both with red.  more little blocks done but still lagging behind a bit.  lots of nonquilty things going on this week, so not sure how much sewing will actually get done.  *** winter is back and it's a SNOW day, 3-6" the weather guru says, but won't last due to longer, sunnier days and warmer temps.  it's the last gasp, no doubt---we hope anyway.