Monday, March 30, 2015

last marden's haul

taking a breather before the great unpacking begins....caved and slipped into marden's just once more and picked up these.  marden's simply cannot be is 4.75 yards total for a mere $ good is that?  i loved the pastel plaids and stripes and found a yellow for the stash, plus a couple of solids for my ocean waves top.  bottom shows a couple of jo mortons (shirting and stripe) and a purple remnant and a prussian blue.  and the orange mod print?  i have that same in lime green....luscious!  i am so itching to get my girls set up and whirring.  they are faring well with the trip albeit crowded...LOL!  *** and i never had a professional mover before but it is simply the way to go...pricey on my fixed income but slick and quick!  i've just about caught up on rest from the getting ready part and will certainly need my wheaties for the other part.  i know my mum is in good hands with my bro and sis, tho i miss her already.  now think i'll have another quick snooze just because....have a good day!