Thursday, January 26, 2017

reasonable facsimile

with nary a flake here in least my area....have to make do with the fabric kind....this is my latest finish, the snowman candlemat.  had gotten this pattern some years ago for a swap gift and liked it so much, bought it for myself....and now it's done. 

used flannel for a batt, but used 2 layers which was really too much, so another learning experience but it'll work fine.  and a kind fellow quilty blogger sent me the carrot button for the nose...and while hacking away at some of these small projects, quilting continues on the milky way masquerade.   the westering women blocks are together and now just need tying and binding for a finish as 2 tables are stacked with WIPs  (works in progress) that keep me focused.....and now that mr. sun has made his appearance, back to the workshop!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


finally these 2 small and ancient cross stitch projects are in their frames....the frames themselves go back to a small shop in mansfield, massachusetts, called "the picket fence" and were purchased in the 70s maybe?  could have been 80s though...this was before I had decided to focus on only quilting.  have a few more cross stitch pieces that need framing and/or DD is an expert and it is her pretty much solitary craft, so have saved my stuff for her to go through when all my projects are done.   even though my home is a small apartment, hand made items make it quite homey and cozy...and camouflages the institutional box look.  and have racked up another UFO finish, my snowman candlemat that will show another day as it's drying after being washed.   now on to the next project!