Saturday, June 11, 2016

the un-fun sewing....

firmly believe everyone should have pj shorts festooned with flamingos and palm can be sure this fabric was on the markdown table, as it's what always gets chosen for nighttime attire.  they are done now and crossed off my june list AND 1.5 yards busted from the stash as well...a win/win in anyone's book....all while flipping channels and finding, of all things, "wagon train"....ward bond, black and retro can you get???   can now return to fun sewing and more 365 blocks....and quilt-cam on a saturday afternoon!!!!  super sewing with bonnie!

Friday, June 10, 2016

the latest....

inch by inch, life's a cinch, and that goes for the 365 challenge as's the 10th, have finished may up to the 17th, so that means 24 blocks to get weekend is plan-free so hoping to bring that number under 20.....while each and every one of these blocks is a challenge, have to say into the swing of the task and am really liking how these blocks are coming together.   would like to take a break and get the dark border assembled, but holding off until get closer to june's blocks.  the old viking and i are joined at the hip until this project is done, a mere 6.5 months from now....

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

the challenge continues!

hard to see clearly from this photo, but the date on this selvedge is 1989...that's right 27-year-old fabric that was sent to me last summer....still usable and going into the 365 project...

trying to do 3 blocks a day, if possible, to get caught up.   you can easily see why this is called a challenge....many of the blocks have a LOT of pieces....

and many of the units essentially get cut twice, once out of the fabric and a second sizing up the individual units....26 blocks to go and tomorrow is out due to a special birthday....good thing nothing else on the agenda.....many of the participants have their little dark squares already sewn onto the medallion, so there's that to do as well....sure you don't want to join in? 

Monday, June 6, 2016

june gauntlet

sarah at confessions of a scrap addict has issued a june challenge about what might be accomplished this month.....

a bit late with this due to weekend visitor and catching up on sleep, but here's my "proposed" list...

1.  name badge for guild
2.  finish my kaffe wallhanging
3.  baste "milky way masquerade"
4.  catch up on "365"
5.  stay current on "farmer's wife sew along"
6.  at least 2 lap quilts for guild charity project
7.  finish pink virginia reel
8.  finish midnight garden
9.  cut out 2 schnibbles using on-hand layer cakes
10. sew up pair pajama shorts

i think i'll stop there....if i'm successful, that'll knock off 3 more UFOs, not big ones, but done it's wheaties and caffeine....have a quilty monday!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

light of day

unearthed from the maine boxes were these 2 small UFOs, now happily up on the design wall....hoping to coerce me into finishes.   the itty bitty virginia reel (3" finished blocks) needs 7 more blocks and the midnight garden piece needs a pieced border...that's it.  

finally got a bulletin board up, waiting on return of the clock and delivery of another bookcase for (what else?) fabric storage.  one shelf, though, will have to be taken over for books now in hiding until then.  so very wonderful to be settled.  a desk, chair and bed will complete the apartment but it's still home sweet home until they arrive.  i realize the hottest months are ahead, but can get thru and can't be much worse than snow and ice from november until april that force hibernation as well.

so my goal for the first full week of june is to make more 365 blocks, finish quilting the kaffe wallhanging and attack these 2 projects.  wednesday is a wash as it's DD's birthday and for the first time in many years, I get to revisit the day of my greatest joy and shower her with affection.....otherwise i'll be in the studio...catch you there!