Friday, July 1, 2016


had to take a mini break from 365 and basting to sew up these 2 blocks for a guild project.  dug into scrap bins (thank you bonnie!), which made it a much quicker task. 

the goal was a dedicated black center square and then whatever that would be fitting for a quilt for a male recipient aka no pink/flowers etc.  these use 2.5" and 1.5" strips, soooo will file pattern away for possible future project, hoping to deplete some of those scraps.   ***  i peeked ahead to the july 1st block and it's back to 3" darks, well once i finish the june blocks that is...and with all this sewing thought it would be interesting to collect empty spools since january 1st and here is what that looks like....most of these were full, brand new spools so this is proof that there has been a lot of sewing at casa frederick and before.  

 and remember this little list of goals? 

1.  name badge for guild 
2.  finish my kaffe wallhanging  ****
3.  baste "milky way masquerade"
4.  catch up on "365"
5.  stay current on "farmer's wife sew along"
6.  at least 2 lap quilts for guild charity project
7.  finish pink virginia reel
8.  finish midnight garden
9.  cut out 2 schnibbles using on-hand layer cakes
10. sew up pair pajama shorts ****

well 2 got completely finished; the name badge is half done, the virginia reel ready to baste, nearly current on 365, milky way back ready, lap quilt squares cut; farmer's wife, midnight garden and schnibbles not there is room for improvement here...

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

a thursday finish....

it's the kaffe fassett wallhanging and there is a tad more quilting on the sashing but that'll get done today and i can count it towards my One Project A Month goal...

used up some leftover binding--white polka dots on orange--that seems just right for this piece and i think kaffe would approve as well!   fell a bit short of my plan to get all june blocks done; about 12 left to go, but the weekend is coming up and hot/humid weather too, so with no big plans

and plenty of a/c, i'll be bonding with the old viking...and the cream DWR is in process with it nearly half basted at this point.  figure the quilting will be started some time on the weekend.  now to pull another project from the "F is for Finish" pile for July....after a year being folded in the car's trunk, the scrappy boston commons has been laundered and is now bright and clean again, ready for winter or whenever (if ever) it gets cold here...  *** still very happy and content here in maryland and my nice and cozy apartment EXCEPT some horrible person has a disgusting air freshener that smells like vanilla or similar and it is totally stinky and annoying....certain fragrances bother me, some cleaning agents and those nasty plug-in things; tried to keep windows open today but still lingers with them closed and a/c far as i can see, it's the only downside and is really disappointing me.  certain people take it on themselves to spray the hallways as well and occasionally one will be equally awful.  it's like lightning, never know when the stinkbug will strike.  if only my apartment were just inside the door....maybe someday....

Monday, June 27, 2016

monday design wall...

this wasn't the only sewing i got done this weekend, but would you believe this little block took more than 2 hours to assemble?  whenever it calls for 1-inch squares and strips, i know it's going to be complicated.  it's called 12 crowns and spent most of the 2 hours wondering if i was really committed to this project or not....but now that it's done, will probably stick with long as can fit in my busy schedule of mostly unimportant stuff.   ***  and just like that another weekend has passed and it's monday.  my week to-do list is pretty vacant right now but could change.  during new england winters, plans are always contingent on weather, and so it is here during the summer...but to escape icy and snowy roads, the smart trade-off for me anyway.....*** so block june 11th is next; just a week to get current....can it be done?  will certainly try....***  my daughter is a nurse and she started working at a day camp for disabled children is her passion and she is ecstatic they called her back again this year...she glows with the unconditional love they give her, and they bloom with the attention and love she showers...if only she could find a permanent job like this--would fill a void in her life and be an asset to those in her care....oh aladdin!