Friday, May 10, 2013

'nuff said!

is there a quilter anywhere who doesn't live by this mantra?  i hardly think so.  met up with my NH pal victoria yesterday and introduced her to a few new retail establishments.  this was given to us at the very first one and i wore it the rest of the day.  it looks just like my little phoebe! *** now that autumn change is done, will spend some quality time with the old viking this AM and get the maine quilts flimsy done, then finish up some handwork for the small quilt swap piece.  another "weekend" day for me which I plan to enjoy!


  1. ok that pin is just adorable! I totally agree!

  2. My sewing machine is "The Ultimate Power Tool" for me too! We had a great day and I totally enjoyed your companionship. Only another quilter can understand me, LOL!

  3. Hoping to get some time with my power tool next week.