Saturday, June 16, 2012

short gripe

one of the tenants in our building is a complete moron.  he comes in at 3 am or so and parks right in front of my bedroom window.  he activates his car alarm and it makes the headlights flash and the horn beep twice; this he does at least twice.  it always wakes me up.  he only does it mornings on days i have to work, never on days i have off.  today i have left a nasty note taped to his window with lots of tape.  i also called the complex office and complained.  his car has new jersey plates. i wish he would go back there ASAP.  unfortunately it doesn't help me for today.  i hate his guts.  i'd like to spray super glue on his windshield.  i'd like to bang on his door and wake HIM up.  i'd like to slash his tires and break his windows.  i'd like to trip him when he's coming down the stairs (i think he lives on the 2nd floor but i'm not sure).  i hate him.  i despise him.  i loathe him.  he is a vile human being.  he is a lousy, senseless, self-absorbed idiot whose mother never taught him anything about courtesy. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

today it's back to "just takes 2" and the somewhat large, 15.5" feathered star block.  riding high on my recent success with the wallhanging, i am going to forge ahead and tackle this smaller version.  i've chosen a dark brown with the muslin to give the section some balance.  more blocks get posted today and i can't even entertain the illusion of being anywhere caught up with this project.  i am seriously persevering on busting stash and i am getting things done, albeit in a rather lombard-street manner.  as i've said before, by working on several things at once, i tend to have a flurry of finishes at once also.  off to get dressed for the day and comingle with the old viking.  how good is that?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

a maine summer breakfast

what's not to like?  fresh, juicy fruit (no sugar added!), a fluffy biscuit and a dollop of sweet dairy....a delish pyramid!  today is my dad's birthday and though he is no longer with us, we always honor his memory by enjoying fresh, sweet strawberries.  i can take or leave strawberry shortcake, but i love the whole fresh berries when they are a bit over-ripe, sweet and juicy.  that is how i enjoy berries best, plain all by themselves.  ***** on tap today?  physical appointment, long overdue, and sewing of course! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

quilting detour

though my quilting time is focused on the scrappy pinwheel, i took a short detour to this small piece yesterday.  it was service day for the car, 2 hours' worth, so i pulled this out and put it in the frame to take with me to pass the time and, hopefully, close in on a june finish.  in the time i was waiting, i got this nearly half quilted.  it's free form, no marking, and i can definitely finish this in june....the scrappy finish is iffy due to weather and warmth of working on the wool quilt batt.  **** since retreat is getting closer, i need to make up a couple of kits to take with me, in addition to the civil war diary quilt project.  **** i haven't worked on "just takes 2" for about a week now and in 2 days more blocks will be posted.  in a week filled with errands plus work, i've been hard pressed to find much sewing time at all.  between the car mechanic, doctor, dentist and a bit of grocery shopping, not to mention a few household chores, the old viking and little phoebe have been found wanting.  i hope that changes soon.

Monday, June 11, 2012

escape from the comfort zone

this quilt is based on one i saw in the book "city quilts" by cheri harris.  i call mine "amish in the city," and it is certainly not my usual style of quilt.  now that i see it all together (and the shoebox empty,  yay), i wish i had a large wall so it could hang rather than drape over the sofa which, by the way, will soon be room!  it will be hand quilted and then bound with the turquoise, see in the 2 bookend blocks, although the one in front left corner appears off shade due to camera flash.  not sure yet how it will be quilted.  **** monday again so soon?  hard to believe july is a little over 2 weeks away.  funny, when i wasn't working at all, there were endless days with nothing to do.  now that i'm working only part time, it seems every day is packed with tasks.  i am still managing to get sewing or quilting into every day and the pinwheel just might be done this month!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

bag o' batiks

leftover from last year's pineapple blossom with bonnie is this little bag of batik scraps, well the little pieces anyway.  couldn't decide how to use them but it would definitely be scrappy.  then i printed off this little paper pieced block pattern, 25 of 'em, and put it aside.  curiosity got the best of me one day so decided to make one up just to see.  yep, i like it.  judging from this one block, doubt that the 25 will use up all these little scraps but no matter, they will make great inchies and 9-patch squares too.  and no, it isn't a new project, but my resolve is weakening after receiving a swap package of 80 shirting squares in the mail the other day.  can i resist and for how long?