Saturday, August 4, 2012

what does one do?

recently experienced a stab in the back from a relative.  this person and i are not friendly, nor is there any desire to be so on either side.  this person came into the family later than most of my cousins and was raised a prima donna.  this person was treated like a queen from the moment she drew a breath.  this person has had every advantage possible while others of us have struggled mightily.  she was cute when little and she has smarts like many of us.  for some reason, she is the only one who has achieved any measure of success, though.  my brothers have law degrees and i've a BA.  i worked in healthcare many years in admin support positions.  we have worked as hard as this person, if not harder, as we didn't have the benefit of financial backing.  this person lives out of state but is not missed.  we hardly know she exists except when she waves her wand and it affects one of us.  do i sound jealous?  when i was younger i was, but not now.  she has little that i really want except something that was promised to me.  i assumed she was mature enough to honor that promise.  as of yet, that isn't the case.  it's true, i wish i lived out of maine, but i have my reasons for present anyway.  and this person is unfortunate in that she didn't have the best role models.  so what is there to do?  nothing, i guess.  i've left messages for her with no response thus far.  what they say is so true, you can choose you friends but not your relatives.

twinkle, twinkle

little stars, almost ready to send off to swap-land!  just have to finish pressing, clipping and then label and mr. postman can take them away.  again, little squares like this use up hardly any stash but they are cute, i think.  **** in addition to finishing these up, did some applique and quilting yesterday.  the lilac pinwheel runner is nearly ready to bind, which will give me another finish very soon.  after that's done, will tackle another small project.  then once cooler weather hits, i can hopefully finish up the 2 amish that are close to done and possibly get another bed-size quilted before 2012 is history.  that'll put me in good UFO shape starting off 2013.  maybe can also squeak in tying the "fat tuesday on orca bay" and fling that.  by year's end, the indigo scrappy should be a flimsy and maybe civil war diary also.  **** been looking around for a scrappy to use up my batik fabrics on; so many patterns from which to choose.  i did see a slightly wonky star that might work that is within my size requirements.  i am also hoping 2013 is the year of the hawaiian; finishing that up will be quite an accomplishment, not to mention the inchies and the scrappy 9-patch.  ahhh, so many projects and ideas as always.....

Friday, August 3, 2012

1 potato, 2 potato

the maine quilts special theme was "seed to potatoes, fabric to quilts," and these are 2 of the many that were submitted.  quite a few were patchwork or applique in colors of the field or end result.  this circular quilt is by kathren albert depicting the fields and a collection of mashers.  the one below i thought was kind of cute (some go for the amusing vote) and was made by melissa stufflebeam called "tater tots."  ***** blistering hot day but good for sewing, working on the little stars blocks, some laundry, a few errands and some swap prepping.  a quick trip to joann's for a ruler and then back to the sewing room for more fun with phoebe!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

sign of the times

was driving home from the library the other morning and saw this on a local seafood shop.  now do you wish you were here?  naaahh, me either.  **** quite overcast and humid here today so far. had plans for a night out but depends on how things progress weather-wise.  **** yesterday's sewing focused on some little swap star squares, which are about half done at this point.  also working on some applique stuff...always plenty of sewing waiting for me!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

best of show

this is "rainbow nouveau" by margaret solomon gunn, best of the maine show this year.  margaret makes beautiful pieced and machine quilted quilts that can be seen at most every major show, and she nearly always garners ribbons for her work.  in addition to her stellar work, she has young children who need her care, so you know she has to find time to do this inbetween normal mothering stuff.  some years ago, margaret chaired a four seasons little quilt swap in which i participated.  her latest is shown on facebook, if you want to see...well done, margaret, and well deserved!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

future project

while at maine quilts, spied the lobster print (last on right) and knew i had something in the stash to complement.  went home and pulled out the others and voila!  another project planned!  if you recall, the plaid was a freebie for volunteering and the others we already in the stash.  the pinkish solid is a kaffe fassett shot cotton, first time i've used one of those.  the blue plaid is a printed, not woven, that came from marden's some time ago.  a project is already planned to use these very summery prints. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

summer flimsy

this was a free online pattern called "frolic", generously made available by sandy gervais a few years back.  mine has fewer borders but the same basic idea.  i'd been saving these watermelon themed fabrics just for this.  it'll get basted and hand quilted, rounding the corners to give the illusion of a watermelon.  i think it's cute and will be a cute table topper for summer, er next summer....LOL!  ***** so that's another small stash of fabric no longer in the elfa drawers.  some small scraps left but no biggie.  ***** maine quilts over for another year.  i only brought home 2 half-yard pieces of fabric, one of which is already earmarked for a particular project.  **** on olympic overdose yet?  nahhh, me either.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

got needles?

spent a few odd minutes today deconstructing a pincushion that is attached to a thread catcher and found a whole bunch of needles that had gotten buried inside the rice filling.  so, looks like i have enough for the foreseeable future.  left side is sharps and right side is quilting betweens with a couple of applique needles slipped in vertically.  **** love a rainy day for sewing and today nearly finished piecing a summer-y table topper which i'll show in the next few days.  also worked on some little star blocks for an upcoming swap.  and yes, it was a play day for phoebe!

little flimsy

so the little indigo flimsy is ready for basting and quilting....but not quite yet.  i'm putting these aside and going to have another basting day at some point.  **** it's cloudy, muggy and rainy here today so no beach day, even though i think every day is a beach day.  nonetheless, it is time for phoebe and i to play so once i get ready for the day and tidy up a bit plus clear the decks and put the old viking aside, it's more featherweight fun.  **** on the sewing side of things, i'm working on another UFO that has a bit of applique, which is perfect for olympic watching.  there is also another project that is nearly at the flimsy stage, also with some applique work that is now done.  with a whole day ahead of me, want to make sure i spend every minute wisely.  because that's the thing about time, it passes whether or not it's used.  as meryl streep said recently, "i see 20 year-olds who are bored, i don't see any 60 year-olds who are bored," and i couldn't agree more, meryl!