Saturday, January 5, 2013

the secret's out

the SSCS swap package has been opened and the recipient is thrilled with the contents, which makes me happy as well.  this is what i sent.  first, the little valentine embroidery red wallhanging and 2 handmade ornaments, a tree of life (for maine, the pine tree state) and a little pinwheel.  i also made a selvedge needlecase to send, plus a handy notebook with some graph paper pages, a tape measure from the NE Quilt Museum and a fancy rooster card i found at the People's Place Quilt Museum in Lancaster.  mostly, i am glad it has finally arrived.  ***  spent some time working on "just takes 2" yesterday and quilting on a small UFO that is nearly done.  though today is a work day, i hope to get at least 1 more JTT block done; then i think only 2 more and i can put the 2nd section together.  that'll mean i'm half done with this flimsy so still a way to go for flimsy stage. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

extra! extra!

just this morning heard that my aussie package has arrived!  this was mailed from south portland post office on november 21, 2012, when i was told 7-10 days for arrival.  they were off just a bit it seems.  **** and more good news, our mercury is up a bit this morning, double digits.  weather guru says january thaw on the way.....yippee!  **** yesterday was visiting day to relatives so not much sewing to report.  did manage to work on postage stamps and also quilt some on the first UFO finish.  just a few errands today so hope to spend quality time with the old viking.  just maybe i can fling the wool socks...remains to be seen, er felt.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

new year, new UFO

remember that charm pack and tumbler template that vic gifted me with just before christmas?  well, being the fabric diva i am, i couldn't resist pulling out some shirting squares and cutting some up!  and (gulp) i even got the batting for it too...on sale, of course.  it'll be about 5 feet square, big enough for shorty me, in repro fabrics of course.  it'll be a great leaders/enders project with simple straight seams.  first, though, the batik has to be finished and tied, and the just takes 2, and an official UFO has to be done.....etc, etc.  and, the horror!  i found another UFO...the christmas wishes wallhanging.  it's getting slowly embroidered and over half done now.  **** our winter has gone arctic so not much to do except keep the car from freezing up and stay inside and sew.  let those outdoor sports nuts freeze to death if they want.  in the spring/summer/fall i want to be on the beach, and in winter i want to live where i can see the beach, if not all the time then on a frequent basis. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

a vintage gift

for christmas, my mom gave me some gift cards and one was used to purchase these vintage sewing notion items.  apologies on the second photo but i will describe.  first on the left is a basket filled with wooden spool threads, English needles, roll of elastic webbing, 3 pr scissors, other sundry items.  and, of course, the little basket that is adorable!  the bottom tiny photo is of a box with a vintage-y paper lining with an old singer oil can, more spools and notions, a ribbon weaver and some misc stuff.  i already have my aunt's wicker sewing basket so these items will be added for a nice little vintage collection.  the funniest item in my collection?  that would be a package of 1950s era replacement garters....tooo funny!  did i really wear a garter belt back in the early 1960s with my very first nylon stockings?  yep, i sure did.  this small collection is about all i have room to keep but they are fun sewing related things to have and remember.  a few of the thread spools got tossed as they were not was from zayre's department store, a long-lost retail venue whose parent company is TJX and sister store is TJ Maxx.  **** today's goal is to attend to a few chores and keep's FRIGID here! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

hello 2013....

and not a minute to waste!  this is the first UFO that will be tackled, starting today. it'll be free form quilted, a la joe cunningham.  it'll give it that antique look.  and, alas, i found 2 more UFOs, both little quilts, but more nonetheless.  **** thanks to diet pepsi, i was able to see the new year in quite easily, though just barely.  also got some sewing done, which is a fine way to spend any day or night.  and are you interested in some snow and very cold air?  would be glad to send it all your way if i could...the cold is tolerable, but hate the snow piles everywhere.  no melting this week, either.  good thing we are on the upside of daylight hours.  now off to start quilting!  enjoy the year, everyone, or at least as much as possible. 

Monday, December 31, 2012

thank you bonnie!

for bringing laughter to my day....and so early too!

2012 wrap up

this week i finished 7 more blocks of "just takes 2" with only a few more and then the 2nd section can be put together.  this is definitely a UFO for 2013 and why i am passing on any BOMs for 2013.  *** and since it is the cusp of a new year, some additional tallying is in order.  first, finished 14 UFOS, flung 1 flimsy (orca bay) leaving 8 to carry over into 2013.  not bad.  those finishes used up a total of 34 yards of fabric which doesn't seem much but keep in mind, i quilt by hand.  for 2013, there is a total of 31 on the list, many of which are small quilts and should be quick finishes.  now the really interesting info.  in 2013 i added 131 yards of fabric to the stash.....i know, doesn't seem like busting at all BUT if all the fabric in the UFOs is included, then it doesn't seem too bad.  i'm still at a surplus, but i take comfort in knowing many other quilters have much more fabric than i do; i work play constantly at using it up.  my total expenditures on quilt-related stuff for 2012 is $1632 for the year, which includes not only fabric but magazines, notions, books, batts, backings, stencils and plastic, a couple of workshops and the like.  luckily, i have no spouse peering over my shoulder questioning any of this.  during my 11-year marriage, my ex-husband spent way more on liquor in one year than $1632, all the while grilling me on every single sewing-related expense....i'll never be in that situation again....and i have no guilt whatsoever about this year's total.  i just track it for curiosity sake.  ***** so the happiest of new year's to my followers, hoping it's one filled with health, prosperity, enjoyment and blessings!