Saturday, July 23, 2016

quilt odyssey--a fantastic show!

starting with the venue, which was the hershey conference are some shots inside and out...what's NOT to like about a chocolate ballroom!   it was a perfect day from start to finish, totally oblivious to the searing heat outside.  my seatmate on the bus was priscilla, a certified NQA judge, and we chatted about many things--places to visit, places we had visited, our quilty interests and a bit about our lives. 

out front under a portico, large round tables while waiting for the bus, taking a break or whatever..

lovely pond with water plants and oh those hanging baskets....gorgeous!

the foyer with raffle quilts....

yes, that is karen kay buckley with "brandywine triumph," a raffle quilt adapted from her 'majestic mosaic' pattern

show rules posted in the booklet prohibit me from sharing any photos of the display or juried quilts, but i am guessing because the above are raffle quilts, photos of which are widely available for the purpose of selling tickets, it's ok to show them...if not i'll gladly remove from the post.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

lazy wednesday afternoon....

but did manage to get the latest "westering women" block done, not too soon either as the next will post in a week....not sure what will do with these blocks when done, but love the colors. this is penny rose's "indigo and cheddar" line...

first up, tho, was to remake the 365 block--done and added to the border--and then tweak the block top left, which somehow came out just a smidgen too large.  refused to go on until it was done and the right size.   the center block got cut just a tad too large, no doubt it was "pilot error"'t drive and rotary cut at the same time!   ***  yesterday was simply delightful warm day with NO humidity, making it downright pleasant.   windows open for a change, soaking up fresh air before the big heat arrives friday.  almost feels like a touch of fall, if only for a day.  ***   no blocks today as senior center this AM and a wake this afternoon...and tomorrow is road trip day but saturday, sunday and monday are indoor days...i'll be cool but the old viking will be hot, hot, hot!  so very fortunate to be able to stay in cool a/c with no job responsibilities.   and don't worry, stocked up on diet pepsi too!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

coming together!

it's the 365 and even tho one more border needs attaching, couldn't resist showing block was waaaaaay too small--not sure how THAT happened--so it's a do over, and there are 2 more hiding someplace before i can sew on the final border.   but this is definitely a WOW project!

wasn't sure i'd like the different colors, but really they are mostly very light and in this photo not too distinctive.   just 4 little blocks for getting current; tend to sit down every so often and do 4-5 at a time.  and gotta hunt up those 2 errant nice living by myself with NO roommates means they are definitely here someplace and didn't grow legs.  and if they can't be found, will just hold off until the next round of light blocks and make 2 extra...easy peasy!  only 5 months left and have to say, being involved in this has made the year go pretty fast.  rough plan for the remainder of 2016 is some charity sewing that will go to the top of the list, finish out the farmer's wife blocks and get to the flimsy stage, pull out brackman stars and get those into a flimsy, finish as many things as possible from the UFO list....think that's enough???   ***  enjoying brief respite from a/c with nice 80s temps and windows wide open for a change--if only for a day!  now go out there and quilt something!

Monday, July 18, 2016

done on monday!

always good to start the week off with a finish, even a little one like this...

even a little scrappy project like this is sooo pretty i think....everything came from the scrap basket, even the binding that was already cut and wrapped on a paper towel holder.   but if you look close at the back--a neutral print--it's wrong side out...LOL!   can only tell if you look close as it's a light tan print so it's staying that way.   this got started a few years ago when a different 365 challenge was going around...that of making a little paper pieced house block every day.  i wisely deferred but couldn't resist making up a few.  ***  decided to put the pink reel piece aside and continue quilting on a donation quilt.  with quite a few charity projects in the works, think probably should concentrate on getting those done.  plus after quilting on this, eager to continue doing the part i like the most--the hand quilting!  ***  heat continues here but hey, it's summer right?  with august only 2 weeks from today, many say it'll starting cooling a bit in another month or so.  and it's another busy week for someone who has no real job; makes me feel like a malingerer or some kind of i've had to ignore those feelings and keep busy doing meaningful things....aside from surfing the web, that is!