Saturday, March 17, 2012

a giveaway squishie!

one of the blogs i follow is nancy's and recently she was having a give-away; lucky me, my name was drawn!  i got this adorable little chicken pincushion, volume 2 of 100 blocks and some other little patterns i had not seen before.  all of this arrived on a fabulous friday after 3 weeks of work AND on friday night sew-in day too!  i love these little chickens and always wanted to make them; perhaps i will now.  **** as for FNSI, i finished sewing down the binding on my little dresden plates quilt.  now for a label and a quick dunk in cold water to remove the quilting lines and voila!  another finish! watch tomorrow for a photo.  ***** and what is so delish as a day off in spring when winter has been nearly nonexistent?

Friday, March 16, 2012


yes, it's Friday Night Sew-In once again!  i'm going to finish up my little dresden plates quilt and who knows what else....plenty of UFOs on my list so no problem finding one.  **** today ends my FT job; my PT job starts on sunday.  it's payday, spring and good is that?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

ready to fly....

finished my little swap quilt last night, now ready to fly away to its recipient.  made entirely from stash on hand per the recipient's choices.  entirely paper pieced (thank you queen carol!) which i never would have attempted before my excellent instruction at maine quilts!  it is hand quilted and binding is sewn on by hand as well.  nearly depleted my small stash of black/white fabrics so a trip to marden's may be in my future very soon.  now i can get back to my own UFOs.  ***** it is seasonably cold here today (and yesterday) for a change.  no snow and it's going to warm up again this weekend.  and guess what...tomorrow is payday! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

thank you, bonnie!

a couple of weeks ago, bonnie posted a photo of this book on her blog.  at her recommendation, i went to amazon and found it practically free!  i know, it says $9.99 but it was waaaaay less than that.  i am sooo glad i found it; lots of basic information as expected, but the tons of glorious color photos are simply over the top!  many, many antique quilt photos and many others as well.  i took it to work to glance through and had to put it down, i was drooling way too much...LOL!  **** tonight i have to finish up my swap piece and then i can get back to my own stuff, and not a moment too soon.  after drooling over this book, i am super motivated, maybe toooo motivated.  so, buyer beware. *** hoping our totally wacky winter is over; plenty of near-beach temps this week and for the forseeable future, which is absolutely fine with me.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

curiouser and curiouser...

sometime early in the week my cell phone went AWOL.  i was pretty sure i brought it home from work in my pocket and from there i probably put it on the kitchen table or someplace in the bedroom.  i went looking for it thursday and checked all my slacks pockets in the laundry basket, under the bed, under other furniture, behind sewing tables, etc.  no cell phone.  today i went out in the hallway to wash/dry clothes.  when i went to check on the dryer, the door was open, my clothes were still wet and what do you think was there....right, the cell phone.  so, the cell phone is now kaput, obviously.  question did it get in the dryer?  that is just one of the many mysteries at this complex.  the maintenance staff is top notch, the grounds are kept immaculate, driveways and parking lots plowed promptly, steps cleared for safety and the rent is affordable for our anemic income.  it's just things like this happen much too frequently; there's definitely a gremlin here someplace.  regarding the phone, i HOPE i brought it home from work.  what if it went missing while i was AT work?  that's another issue altogether, a fairly unpleasant one.  hmmm....a mystery indeed.