Saturday, November 22, 2014

one of my faves...

isn't this gorgeous!  wonder why the vine border?  perhaps she had a lot of green left over?  we'll never know but this is one of my favorites from the exhibit friday....a kind of low volume quilt, serene and this space for more to come!

Friday, November 21, 2014

anywhere near new hampshire?

if you are then you must go here!!!!  right off route 89 in warner, just west of concord about 15 miles, is the most jaw-dropping exhibit of antique crib and doll quilts you just might ever see.  the building is restored and a perfect venue for these quilts.  lots of vintage thingies on display as well as stenciled floors and walls, plus a wall mural in the entryway.  i didn't know but gerald roy actually LIVES in warner, a quiet little town chock full of federalist style homes and little else.  the few luncheon places close at 2 pm (except one)...there is an independent book store, a general store type place and very few other places, at least that i saw.  and the quilts, oooh the quilts!  all small and most from the 1800s....some well worn and some hardly used.  parking is a breeze.  the building has a sandwich board out front so you can't miss it.  the docents are knowledgeable and uber-friendly.  before old man winter closes us in, an ideal trip to take and breathe in autumn's last.  and we actually did have some flakes that were short lived, thankfully!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

secret stitching revealed....

these little pine trees got stitched during some free moments and were gifted to my retreat pals in october, so i can show them now.  have made a lot of them over the years for little momento gifts...i think they are adorable!  can be pin cushions or ornaments, depending on your preference.  i still do some cross stitch occasionally but have had to abandon 18-ct due to "aging eyes"....same reason i have mostly given up quilting on black fabric.  *** it's my weekend and despite a slow start to the day, have every minute mapped out between quilting the amish and finishing borders on shenandoah.  the scrap basket is once again full as i've been cutting out triangles for the "wildest dreams" antique repro, which i am itching to start, but must focus on some finishes.  *** now, tho, have to locate my winter scarf and rev up energy for the day....keep warm and keep sewing!   

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

up to date

the little alphabet sew-along is up to date as of today when the "V" instructions were posted.  also switched out the middle section of  "O" making it more distinguishable.  only 4 more letters and can finish off this little whimsy flimsy, get it basted and quilted for a someday donation.  *** border #2 is on the shenandoah log cabin so this project is on track for a soon finish.  it'll be tied and also probably donated at some point.  *** lastly, quilting the border of amish center diamond is now going on.  this one should also be a finish before the end of the year.  when done, it's going on my bed as a switch off for the scrappy pinwheel now being used.  the batting is part wool so it should be warm enough for any vicious winter maine can dish out.  *** that's all the quilty news from this lake woebegone.  keeping busy is keeping some family concerns at bay, praying for a soon resolution...but not complaining at all...still so many things for which to be thankful all year round, not just november.