Saturday, January 29, 2011

a shameless plug

i am happy to announce that bonnie's new book (her third) is now available for order and will be shipped on or about march 1st from her site at as i am a self-proclaimed scrappy quilter, i find bonnie's patterns to be simply the ultimate in using up scraps. her many followers and pattern copycats can well attest to the excitement of her quilts and the info she offers free of charge to quilters everywhere. take a peek and you just might get hooked as many of us already are. thankfully, she is finally coming to maine this year and again in 2013.

Friday, January 28, 2011

cold week pastimes

the two things i'm mainly doing this week until the bitter cold temps modulate are reading this book and quilting my lone star. i've also done a bit of flinging from my room and working on another quilt top as well. the book has people waiting for it, so i have to get it read as i won't be able to renew. no matter, it's a goodie....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a finish/a flimsy

a busy week as you can see, and it's only wednesday! first, i finished my 30s tablerunner (left) so that makes 2 UFOs done this month. then i put together this christmas runner from a workshop in nashua a couple of years ago. i was actually sick with tonsillitis the day of the workshop and got the pattern from the teacher to make. i think i will bind it with red. hopefully it won't be a UFO for 2012. ****** both of these are hanging on my new design wall. it's only a piece of flannel with a dowel hanging from an over-the-door hook on my bedroom door, but it suffices and was quite cheap to fashion. i've saved the flannel for eons and just had to purchase the dowel for $2. pretty frugal i think, don't you? i'm using all my free time to think of ways to enhance my quilting fun for little cash.