Friday, December 16, 2016

on to december!

these are the last of the november blocks and now to start december's!   this is exciting indeed as there are some fairly simple ones and a couple of  "corkers" to use an old phrase.  that light at the end of this year-long tunnel is getting brighter every day.   can't say enough that this has been a huge challenge, but pretty satisfied with the result.  doubting more and more that a regular batt will be used to finish, unless the destination is the arctic.  the flimsy is quite weighty and even flannel will make it more than warm for most winter climates.  nonetheless, that is a future dilemma.  for right now enjoying the almost success....and the finish can't come soon enough....

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

color me happy

everyone knows that happiness is contingent on happenings, and for right now am pretty happy...not only did i finish another block that went together perfectly and quickly...

but the paper doll fabric on the right is perfect for the bonnie hunter mystery and will finally get used up.  this goes back to about 2000 when i frequented a lovely fabric shop in downtown boston called "windmill fabrics" in the heart of chinatown.  though their supply of any one kind of fabric was limited, the buys were fantastic.  in addition to this fabric, bought several woolens for a coat, a blazer and a couple of skirts that all got worn frequently...the coat i still have, the blazer got stolen from a church (true) and the skirts ended up at the thrift along with my other business suits.  and even though the paper dolls will be gone, the memories, of course, are priceless.  while happiness is here for now, it is fleeting and fickle.  more blocks on the horizon and some for the next week are totally hideous.  and will not make me happy, i'm certain.  even so, am bountifully blessed and that is neither fickle nor fleeting, for me anyway.    

Monday, December 12, 2016

december finish

or it should be anyway....this is in my hoop today and anticipate it'll be OFF the UFO list for 2017, knocking me down to (gulp) 35 that includes a fair number of bed size projects.

love the fabrics in this piece and am thinking of a turquoise binding, but maybe it'll be navy instead.  and holiday decorating is done except for my tree, which hoping to find instead will show you the tree seen at the Eisenhower farm adorned with 50s era glass bulbs and even some from nikita khruschev no less!   it was fake but the Eisenhowers had a real tree, of course.  now, though, cookie baking calls....