Saturday, March 9, 2013

friday finish

just before bedtime on friday this donation quilt got finished!  i really love the colors--it's a bali pop called watermelon--and again, thanks to janet l. for suggesting the plum solid; it's simply perfect.  **** the little spring wallhanging quilting is started and hoping to get that done and hung some time this week as with daylight saving time starting today, spring is really around the corner.  daytime temps in the 40s all week, which will certainly keep the snow away.  have a happy quilty day!

Friday, March 8, 2013

it's a B-usy day

up early this morning and first thing got these 4 little quilts basted for quilting.  this B task, along with binding the batik, should keep me addition to some necessary household chores.  with 2 whole days off this week and no errands that require driving, i've been able to use up every moment and make some real progress on sewing projects.  **** while i would rather be a professional single gal and not a housefrau, i did some cooking yesterday that i simply HAVE to brag about a tiny bit.  recently caught Ramsay's Cooking Course on the BBC channel.  i learned a lot about technique and some dynamite quick recipes for superb dishes sure to perk up any menu.  yesterday it was north african eggs.  the book contains 100 recipes that Ramsay promises you can "stake your life on" and he doesn't disappoint.  using a few simple quality ingredients and a whole new selection of spices i've never used, we've been enjoying some scrumptious variety to our weekly meals.  **** now to those household chores so i can finish the batik quilt today!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

simple math

so simple, even I can figure it out and that is:  0 blogging = + sewing time!  i've been busy working on this project, the scrappy indigo, and here is a peek with 3 of the borders on this side.   hoping to get it to flimsy stage soon.  picked up a mountain mist cream rose batt the other day.  someone mentioned this batt and i wanted to give it a try.  for this quilt, though, need to find one in white.  **** the batik/plum?  all tied and the binding will be cut and started today, meaning a march finish for certain.  while the big table is up, hope to get a stack of the small projects basted for summer quilting.  then it's back to autumn change, which might also get finished in march.  *** next quilty project is going to be the pineapple blossom.  that is a gift and a finish on that means it's outta here and freeing up space on my already jammed shelves.   ****  sent in my order for jo morton's "blue variety," and i've a project in mind for it already!  **** and if you haven't seen denzel washington in "flight," then i can highly recommend, but i ask you, exactly which denzel movie isn't good? 

Monday, March 4, 2013

waning winter

though it continues to snow, it melts just as quickly as it arrives due to warming sun and longer days.  this means spring is really on the way.  this little wallhanging was pictured in the recent "quiltmaker" mag and i just had to make it for my work cube.  thanks to the stash, there was NO shopping in the making of this project....LOL! it just needs basting, quilting and binding and i can hang it up.  *** also this weekend i started basting the batik/plum after picking up a backing.  the previously showed hoffman print of poppies just wasn't big enough.  a dash to marden's and voila!  problem solved.  **** word came from cyndi that jo morton's "blue variety" is in....i've made my list and just waiting on another paycheck and it'll be mine......yippee!