Saturday, February 27, 2016

a yard-ish slip

wouldn't you know, desperately needed some template plastic.  all those joann texts and e-mails didn't help.  before i knew it, there i was--with my coupons, no less.  found the template plastic, but succumbed to browsing and these were on the red tag table....plaids!

was really looking for material for pajama shorts that are needed (the flamingos!) but oh the plaids!  so, 1/4 yard of each was quickly cut, along with this mod pink for my little snail trail piece.  despite being overcome by guilt, was fondling them later and spied the date on the selvedge...2012?   yes indeed, 2012!  no matter, these are lovely diagonal plaids that'll go nicely with my current stuff and a plaid quilt on my someday name is grace and i AM a fabricholic but got my fix today, yippeee!  now it's back on the wagon....

Friday, February 26, 2016

big and little

spent a day catching up on sew along blocks and it was spooky to go from sewing these little blocks--

photographed on my one-of-a-kind green towel ironing board--to february's edition of "westering woman" from barbara brackman....

a 400% jump in size.  for a bit there, thought i had cut the blocks wrong as i have been known to do on occasion, but no, they were ok.  also pulled out my leader/ender mod tumblers, a sometime project.  not making a huge something with these, but the colors are so wow that had to play with them.  thinking might end up with a small tabletopper or placemat.  and, to nobody's surprise, have lined up a new scrappy project that has been on my "someday" list.  it's a double wedding ring scrappy and will do this as my next leader/ender OR might just cut pieces and shoebox them for october retreat.  it would be a good project for easy sewing while catching up and ogling others' sewing.  another project that i'll be taking along is the "stars in a time warp" as i have decided on a setting, and might also bring along the farmer's wife blocks too.  only making the twin size with 84 blocks, so most if not all will be done.  *** our see-saw winter weather continues with today being just right for late february, but am missing yesterday's temps in the back to regularly scheduled sewing!

PS--thanks for your comments on my cats; i wasn't fishing for compliments, only that i am my own worst critic sometimes...

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

novice attempt

machine quilting can be intricate and beautifully executed, but not by me.  just not that interested in perfecting this skill.  i've done it a few times, but only for practical purposes and not for the real desire.  see what i mean?

the original was quilted at half inch intervals (i think) but i chose 1-inch intervals to get it done quicker.   i basted it to death and it came out okay, meaning not thrilled with the result and definitely doesn't inspire me to do more.   perhaps the batting was a tad too thick for this size, not sure.  but anyway, it's done and can put it aside for the right recipient to come along at some point.  i love the colors and pretty sure a nonquilter would think it's a masterpiece, but you and i know different.  not apologizing for this mediocre effort, just that my heart belongs to hand quilting.  it's great that quilting has a place for those of every persuasion!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

here's one...

from the's a cute little zipper bag, gift for my mom's birthday.  she loves sea glass and found this sea glass print FQ last summer for a future project.  now gone from the stash and a nice little gift!

phoebe was running like a top today after getting a thorough cleaning and a new needle, PLUS she has new feet!  when adopted (from ebay), she had no feet.  instead, someone had filled in the feet indentations with some sort of putty that had hardened to clay.  all that was needed was to clean out the clay (easy peasy), loosen the short screws and attach the feet.  she is soooo happy now!  at first i thought someone had welded the bottom plate to the machine but happy to find out that was not the case.  she isn't pristine but she sews beautifully and her worn places only mean that she was a working gal...not a diva!  *** other sewing included finishing machine quilting the cats and binding now in progress.  also, 3 more 365 challenge blocks done, done, done!   stay tuned for more folder finishes!