Saturday, May 18, 2013

it's subee's fault!

when she sent back my swap strips, she included this little red spool block.  i was smitten!  even though i had other plans for my strips, i caved and made some little spool blocks for myself.  they are sooo adorable!  i am thinking these will make an ideal border for a scrappy quilt i have planned (for the other strips), don't you?  i really love scrap quilts.  *** well, my weekend is drawing to a close and did accomplish quite a bit.  in addition to these little blocks, got in some serious quilting time on the center diamond border.  also picked up the baby emma applique piece in hopes of finishing the piecing on the wallhanging.  pulled out my jo morton orangey/rust/gold pieces plus some black FQs--sheesh, did i way over estimate--and got to work.  i had heard this was tricky because of the original instructions in metric measurement, but whew, the tiny flying geese borders are coming along nicely!  couldn't be happier and anxious now to finish this little piece.  it's an official UFO so hopefully will get quilted this summer and be off the list before the year is out. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

starting a finish

this week is a blog hop over at "celebrate hand quilting" and if you hand quilt or just like looking, hop on over and see some beautiful work.  have recently started finishing up this quilt that had only the final border left to quilt.  it is very densely quilted as befits an amish style quilt and the batt is a 80/20 cotton/wool blend.  i think our weather will remain cool enough to get it done.  when i see hand quilting, my fingers start to itch to go and quilt something.  fortunately i have enough projects basted and at the ready for whenever.  once this quilt is finished, i'll switch over to small quilts for the duration of the summer, which should be arriving any time soon. 
in addition to hand quilting, the old viking and i are working on the "baby emma" wallhanging pictured on quiltmania last fall.  and note to self, when buying background shirtings, must buy AT LEAST 1 yard, as again this week, looking for a light shirting but none large enough for the entire project.  the fabric i finally used was not the best choice but the one for which i had sufficient fabric as shopping the stash was imperative.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

new to me book

most quilting books i can live without and do so quite nicely.  many i would like to get but funds and space just don't exist for that.  my selection is vast enough to provide plenty of inspiration and that fit on my one shelf...that's my limit.  since recently i flung one book just about this size, i could add this one.  the new england quilt museum is dear to my heart.  it's a project i knew from its embryonic stages right thru to the finish.  admittedly, i was a doubter in the beginning; the project seemed so vast and unattainable, but am proud to have seen it to fruition.  this is not a new book, 14 years old in fact.  and i don't feel guilty not supporting the museum by paying retail as i am a member and support the museum in other ways.  it was practically free; the shipping cost more, but i am so glad it's now mine.  plenty of old time photos and information on mill girls and mills in lowell, a few patterns and all the luscious quilts that became the start of its collection.  i've seen some up close and personal, but now i can visit whenever i want. *** quilting the last border on the amish center diamond is now in process.  this quilt has a cotton/wool combo batt, so when it's done, it'll get put aside until cooler weather comes back.  the little swap quilt is ready to baste and quilt as well.  it's friday for me and the living is eaaaassssy!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

says who?

for an early birthday gift, victoria gave me this panel when we met up last week.  as if anyone couldn't tell this was true, judging by the stacks of fabric in plain sight.  the elfa drawers are full, there are no empty shoeboxes OR places to put them, even if they existed.  so, for now just stacking it up.  not that i don't like having it to look at all the time as it inspires me and urges me to use it up.  **** today just finishing up piecing my swap little quilt, next is basting and quilting.  i'm also working on a quick project to use up more fabric from last fall's retreat.  at this rate, i will be ready for more when this year's trip rolls around.  today i'll also be marking the last border on the amish center diamond so it can be finished up this month.  i simply gotta keep my nose to the UFO grindstone because why?   i want to make more!

Monday, May 13, 2013

quick update

batiks have been taken...thank you dot!...and the aurifil thread too....

say hello to victoria!

NOTE:  bag of HSTs has been taken!  ****  this is my pal victoria from new hampshire.  we met on the internet and share a fondness (fondness?  LOL) for civil war fabrics and, get this, she lives close to keepsake quilting!  now keepsake is about 3 hours from me, vic's house just over 2, so sometimes we meet inbetween.  just so happens that marden's in sanford is about equidistant, imagine that!  but being the equal opportunity gatherers we are, one shop wasn't enough so we hit 2 others--kathie's in sanford and footprints in rochester, nh.  rochester has a bustling main street/downtown area and vic found us a fast and yummy chinese place for lunch.  if you are in either locale, can highly recommend all 3 venues for fabric, friendship and fine times!  kathie's shop has been open about 5 years and is in a welcoming, spacious old farmhouse.  kelly's footprints i'm not sure about, but she is already looking for a larger space.  all in all, it was an ENJOYable day (there's that word again!).

Sunday, May 12, 2013

two quilty deals

have a couple of quilty items up for sale.  first is a gallon bag with batik scraps; i've made one 25" square wallhanging out of this bag already and there is at least another and possibly 2 that could still be made from what's left.  these are first quality, quilt shop batiks, many from a recent quilt i made.  price is $6 plus postage from southern maine.  **** second item is a large quantity of half square triangles made from bonus triangles of quilt shop fabric leftover from my recent scrappy indigo project.  the size is 1 3/4" unfinished.  i could save them for someday but not sure i ever will use them.  price is $4 plus postage.  e-mail if interested.