Saturday, September 25, 2010

Off to Lancaster!

My vacation has finally arrived and we will soon be off to Lancaster, which is the mother ship for us quilters. So many fabric shops in close proximity is simply too tempting to bypass. I am planning on doing some fabric shopping but I have a definite list, an absolute must in light of millions of bolts that can be overwhelming. The weather looks promisingly wonderful for early fall. After Lancaster, we're off to visit DD and DSIL for a couple of days and then back to New England. ***** This past week at work was the absolute pits, the worst in my history there. I finally got my workstation adjusted after resorting to a complaint to the Dept of Labor. Sheesh, I am confined, nearly chained, to the chair and cube all'd think they would be more accommodating to avoid RSI (repetitive strain injury) but not to me for some reason. Anyway, it's been resolved but I still have no plan on staying one second longer than I have to. Well, last minute tasks are calling me....will post photos when I return and get our home computer up and running again.