Wednesday, June 12, 2013

inching along

after many months of leadering/endering, this postage stamp project is starting to take shape.  these are 16" blocks of inch square finished pieces cut from leftovers, so it is also a memory quilt of sorts.  won't be hand quilting this one for sure, but the colors are sooo gorgeous and will brighten up any space on even the darkest day.  ***  working on just takes 2 (years) blocks this week and have 3 more nearly done.  would like to get this flimsy done even though haven't decided on how to finish or where it will go once it is done.  **** maine quilt show project a bit closer to being done and the little basket quilt is up next.  it seems no matter the weather, plenty of interesting quilting and sewing to be done, an ENJOYable way to spend any day!


  1. I didn't know you were doing one of these, Grace. Wonderful!! I have always wanted to make one, but just never actually get started. I'm impressed--it is beautiful!

  2. So much colour, what a great project to keep a piece of everything you've done.

  3. Impressive! and very pretty. That will be a beautiful quilt to have on your bed. As Leader/Enders I'm sewing 1 1/5" squares into twosies, then foursies, etc. It's very addictive with these little devils......Love your quilt top!