Thursday, May 31, 2012

not quite...

hot off the press but it won't be long.  you can order one now, though, just hop on over to and bonnie will be delighted to accept a pre-release order.  there are sneak peeks and you will be blown away by the gorgeous quilts in this new book.  me, i'd like to make them all and so will you.  **** so what am i doing today?  basting little quilts is what, plus doing some hand work--applique and quilting of course and some quality time with the old viking, natch!  now off to the PO, though, my favorite (NOT) place. 

happiness is....

a bluebird pin cushion.  yep, one can never have enough of these little handy notions when one lives in a world of pins all around.  **** and notice the sewing machine extension table?  there were no inch marks on the table so necessity being the mother of invention, i simply took an old measuring tape and taped some on.  **** today will tackle some sewing odds and ends and some quilting on the scrappy pinwheel.  plus more of just takes 2 as more blocks will be posted tomorrow.  it's a sunny maine summer day and i'm also planning some outdoor time!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the second may finish

it's a christmas tablerunner from a class taught by sally schneider a few years ago at the gathering in nashua, nh.  and if you look close, you'll see 2 different greens.  i ran out of one and had to buy more which naturally didn't match.  no matter, this is for me and no quilt police live here nor do they even visit...LOL!  **** now that i've avoided the queen's list in the stashbuster group, i can focus on the next quilting project, the amish pinwheel.  i've a way to go to finish it, but if the cool and damp weather continues, it'll be cozy to quilt on a large piece.  **** was at joann's the other day but aside from a few red tag half yards, only got upholstery fabric and the foam/piping to cover my ottoman.  i got it free at a "sidewalk sale" and the items to redo only cost $55; the new ottoman that comes with the chair is $159, so that is a pretty good savings.  it's a futon chair that opens up into a twin later on. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

cozy toes ahead!

although i can knit, i've never done socks.  judy is always posting photos of socks she makes and this pattern intrigued me.  so, i downloaded it and printed it out...and gave it to mom!  i already have a few pairs of hand-knit socks she made for me and i love them.  her only request?  get a solid dazzling stripes for this pattern.  she is a recreational knitter and made these custom for me (a little longer in the cuff for my chubby ankles).  even though it'll be a while before it's cold enough to wear them, i can't wait.  **** violent thunder and lightning early this morning.  **** on today's agenda?  the amish pinwheel, hoping to be my  next UFO finish.

Monday, May 28, 2012

in memoriam

today is a time to remember not only my dad, a WW II veteran who served at Utah Beach and in Europe, but all those who have served with the same valor.  and not forgotten are those who struggle daily suffering from the sequelae of war.  once again i implore the VA to spend its valuable resources on the living and not on beautification of cemetaries.  like most government entities, they suffer from ignorance of stewardship.  it is so much more rewarding to affect lives of those who will truly benefit rather than on those for whom it makes no difference. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

202 hexagons

so, they are all basted and can now begin sewing them together into a quilt top.  there are also 12 half hexies and some tiny triangles that will create a large rectangle flimsy.  this is a whenever project so don't look for that flimsy any time soon.  **** a sunny summer sunday and day off to boot!  no real plans other than do some fun sewing and get some rays. 

it's summer sooo....

the pot-smoking, parking lot peeping tom is making rounds again.  this wuss with the turnip IQ is still in the neighborhood apparently.  it was warm and i had my fan on, curtains covering all but a small portion of the window and discreetly clad in shorts/shirt.  i guess he doesn't have anything better to do.  with cramped spaces, no storage and nasty neighbors, what's not to like here?  all the freaking marigolds and trees they plant don't cancel out this too-frequent nocturnal pest.  so what did i do?  well, i went to the window and gave him (or her?) an encouragement and he left shortly after, or at least the air cleared, followed by a noxious skunk.  as mentioned, shortly before i was thinking of selling my house, there was a skunk under the window for 14 nights in a row.  i never knew a skunk with a calendar, at least not a 4-legged one.