Friday, January 15, 2016

365 update

due to time differences, lucky enough to get caught up with this sew along BEFORE the actual are the latest groupings...first is 6-10...

this group is 11-15..

and this is my storing method....3 plastic folders at the dollar store...i may have to get more for 365 blocks!

photos not the best as they were taken in a darkened room with camera flash but thinking you get the idea..but 15 little blocks bust hardly any stash but the top is 90 x 90 so overall will use some up.  oohh see daylight peeking over the horizon...isn't that terrific at 6:41 am? 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

in the hoop!

just today got this basted and in the hoop to quilt.  it WILL be a january finish for least i think so!  it's a table topper to match the valance in my mum's apartment....

aside from this, have been working on the 2 sew along blocks and am up to date, well i was until today!  transitional life is a juggling act and i have plastic bags everywhere filled with blocks, strips, squares and all manner of scraps.  next plan on cutting the connector blocks for the scrappy 9-patch so i can work on that flimsy.  ***  so nice to see an extra bit of daylight at both ends of the day now, just minutes of course, but more and more as the month progresses.   when it's still daylight at 5 pm, i know that winter is about half over and the extra sunshine will cheer up the days.  and please pray that housing comes soon...i am anxious for beginning a new chapter in my life and for a fresh start!