Saturday, May 25, 2013

notice anything?

was sorting out my shirtings drawer and realized it should be renamed the BLUE shirtings drawer.  over half of the pieces i have are various shades of blue on cream or blue on beige.  trouble is, when looking for a shirting for a project, almost always not looking for a blue one!  that's right, they are just languishing!  i just finished the scrappy indigo and am so not in the mood to make another blue/white (or similar) quilt top.  and not blue/brown either as i'm mired in "just takes 2" brown and cream, soooo will have to use them in a civil war scrappy somehow.  not that it can't be done, mind you, but it's the act of actually doing one.  *** weather is perfectly dreadful today and has been all week for that matter.  pity the poor souls who lugged those RVs all the way up the pike to God knows where for a holiday weekend of fun and relaxation.  it'll be cards and TV inside the RV all weekend i'd say.  my guess if it actually stops raining and the sun actually comes out on sunday, there'll be plenty of slots available wherever.  not a good start to the "way life should be" tourist season at all.  **** disclaimer:  the jo morton shirtings are in a separate tote, so there are a few more....

Friday, May 24, 2013

a thriftin' day

today found myself at a thrift looking for nothing in particular but saw plenty of interesting stuff.  sale was on pink and white tags and found this XL shirt in very good condition half price.  unlike some who get seriously cheap deals--like $1 per shirt or bag--none of those are common around here.  but for a pittance of $3 (in NH, no tax), this was a good deal.  must be at least a yard, the condition and colors are very good and not the usual blue/white stripe.  there was another i really liked--alas, not on sale--so it got left behind, but it was a salmon orange color with a stripe.   i can get plaids at marden's at a good price, so don't bother much with shirts and the deconstructing process.  if, however, they could be had for a mere $1, i might buy more as that is less than marden's per yard price.  *** it's a rainy, dreary weekend here so far, foggy in places, in the 60s with not much improvement predicted.  not a big deal for us as we don't have much planned.  *** tonight is quilt cam and i am going to work on finishing up the tablerunner squares.  some basting is also on the agenda. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

just takes....another

first, thanks for all the lovely comments on my hand quilting and other projects.  i don't reply to each out of time constraints, but they are sooo appreciated!  ****  though not trimmed to size yet, it's another block for "just takes 2" project.  thinking i should put this project on my summer list as well.  the shoebox of browns has been sitting on my ironing station for way too long and would be fantastic to empty another for more (gulp) fabric storage.  **** it's yet another cloudy/dreary weather day here in coastal maine but we do believe summer will come yet.  in fact, yesterday got my shortie summer haircut so now it has to arrive, doesn't it?  ****  my weekend starts now and i've a bit of a to-do list that needs polishing off, but sewing is definitely on it.  would like to work more on the border for my amish center diamond, but all this humid weather would cause my disappearing pen marks to....well, disappear, so it's on hold for a much less humid day.  and now to the list! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a quilter's must have

that would be a design wall.  these fabrics are gorgeous, it's true, and i love the chrome yellow but it doesn't work in THAT place in THIS square, so tomorrow it'll get replaced.  i am trying to stick to mostly dark fabrics for this piece with a few lights thrown in here and there.  this will be "pie birds tablerunner," a kim diehl pattern.  there are 7 squares total, and the other 5 are almost done.  it's this week's piecing project and will empty a shoebox, which is the goal.  once all the squares are done and up on the wall, i may have to replace a few more, we'll see.  my design wall is quite rudimentary, a piece of flannel hung on a door, but it works.  i would love to have wall space for one, but there just isn't.  **** gray, cloudy, misty and dreary day outside but a sewing day inside is a good day, don't you agree?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

baby emma progress

isn't she cute?  i think so too, and yes, it is a smidgen wonky but considering all those teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy, eeny, weeny flying geese, not too bad.  smallest i ever made i can tell you, measuring 1.5 x 2.5 inches. i did take this on with more than a bit of trepidation.  and see what i mean about the shirting used?  isn't enough contrast for me but it's what i had enough of to use for this project.  all done except for 3 little circles to be appliqued in the center, so it's a do-able finish for this year i think, OR could make up some hourglass squares, maybe 6 or 8 inches each, and morph it into a quilt top, maybe just sofa size?  *** next up for machine project is to finish piecing a kim diehl tablerunner, which will clear another shoebox as i desperately need the storage space. *** inchie leaders/enders are continuing and i have some strips to put together into another block or so.  before long i will have to sit down and figure out exactly how many squares i will need for the top.  it'll be a tied quilt due to a gazillion seams, but it's one i will keep as it's a veritable scrapbook of fabrics.  and no doubt a few spool blocks will be assembled as well.  aaahhh, so many fun projects ahead!