Saturday, May 13, 2017

easy peasy?

not by a long shot....the book describes this as a long-term project, not to be rushed, and after getting just one row done, i can see why.  it's probably made more so by how fabrics are placed.  and while i was ho-hum about this after a couple of blocks, am now starting to get more interested and can't wait to see row 2 finished when the first 2 gray/white accent designs will be complete. 

even tho pattern came from the book "modern neutrals," this in no way describes my version.  am already thinking about how it will look after quilting is done...again many thanks go to stashbuster pals who so generously shared their orange scraps with me; just wondering now if i have enough!!  will know better after another couple of rows are done.  now you know how i'll be spending part of my summer vacation....

Friday, May 12, 2017

sew along progress?

not sure progress is the right we are nearly halfway into the year and only these measly arcs done...i keep them next to the machine for leaders/enders but also use whatever project i'm working on, so not many arcs get done. 

nice and scrappy as i'd hoped...have white for the background; maybe this weekend can get some centers and melons cut and start assembling blocks.  ***  the rambling rose piece is nearly ready to bind.  the orange mod is on deck.   that's enough for this weekend anyway.   can't believe friday has rolled around again...when i worked, the weeks flew by and i thought it was the job....nope!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

bargain basement

pattern by bonnie hunter, fabric selection and construction by me!  have never seen this pattern made by anyone else on the net, but it drew me in, partly because of the name...who doesn't love a bargain!  many years ago in quincy, massachusetts, was a delightful shopping place called the bargain center...and it was chock full of bargains galore. my mother got my baby sister's entire layette there and it was always the first stop for back to school.   then there was filene's bargain basement, also a haven for the thrifty....prices there got marked down every 7 days and every item had a tag showing the date of the last markdown and the ever-decreasing price.  those were the days...both places now just memories.  as for THIS bargain, finally got to dive into my plaid stash and am really happy with the outcome.  the use of very lights and mediums give it a lighter look than bonnie's in her book, but it sure does brighten up a room.

this project was on my summer wish list and it now gets crossed off--and it isn't even officially summer yet!  the next 2 projects (in addition to more potholders) are the orange mod seen earlier this week and finish the amish style ocean waves flimsy.  or, maybe i'll tackle some little quilts from jo morton's club?  oh, and finish the rambling rose wallhanging too....the list keeps going, and going, going, and going.... ***  recently discovered the old viking's inability to zig-zag and am pondering how to proceed with this nearly 40-year-old machine.  aside from that function, works like new but do require the zig-zag and its partner, the buttonholer, from time to time.  parts are scarce and funds to repair even more so.  will do some research and maybe find the solution.  hopefully a fix can be found, keeping her from a new life as a boat anchor....

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

whoooo's birthday is today?

that would be brother of the smartest, funniest, sensitive, talented and occasionally rigid and annoying people about whom i care very deeply....we were built-in childhood playmates. like most of us, he's made some whopper mistakes in his life and also suffered terribly at times, but through it all we've kept him close and made sure he knows he's loved beyond words no matter what--that's our definition of family.  he's been there for me during some of my own incredible boo-boos and for that i'm always thankful.  wishing him a fantastic day, birthday or not.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

this and that

how wonderful it is to have no sewing that HAS to be done and to just be able to pick up whatever feel like sewing....first up was these potholders....

my shoebox full of selvedges was overflowing so naturally potholders came to mind....will make great little gifties at some point....and then i spied this that has been waiting so long for some attention....

just one more block, but it whetted my mojo to make lots more.....

leaving me with these tiny waste triangles for some future fun..... today, though, it's finish the 'bargain basement' flimsy first and there is that vacuuming too.  quilting continues on the rambling rose have a stack of books waiting....and for those of you who enjoy the British mystery series "Vera," would like to recommend "Shetland" based on books by the same author.   The series has that same sort of eerie marsh atmosphere found in the "Vera" episodes and excellent quality mystery stories as off to fire up the old viking!

Monday, May 8, 2017

in the hoop

a few years ago lucky enough to win a layer cake of sandy gervais' "rambling rose" fabrics. made up this little wallhanging with some of that and it is now in the hoop and should be finished by week's end.  goodbye another UFO!  i love the delicate colors in this fabric line....

this was the doll quilt i sent along to mary ellen in lori aka humble quilts' annual swap.  it was well received, which is always nice.  with a significant repro stash, it's easy to find ideas for small projects like this...

and a couple of more shots of the ocean venue visited recently....

the beach really is quite narrow and long and the one "in your face" view is the infamous bay bridge.  there are plenty of shady places to sit and grill and just chill out though....and today i do mean's only 48 degrees here now.  another lovely monday and a whole week ahead.   later on will pick up the senior center's quilt of valor and bring that home to finish the quilting.  other than a few household things, plenty of sewing time available....keep calm and quilt on!