Saturday, June 15, 2013

almost done?

i wish....there are about 20 more blocks to make yet for this flimsy to be done.  it's like a giant sampler quilt, with nearly every block different AND every nearly every block a different size.  yep, a real challenge, and have to say one that is quite ENJOYable too, but in my very small space it's taking over the room.  *** up early this AM to enjoy the sun and summer air before work.  popped some lemon poppy breakfast buns in the oven very first thing!  **** the maine quilts project is just about done, doing the binding now so it'll be a finish in the next day or two.  have already started quilting another little quilt, the baskets, for another june finish maybe.  ***  i spy some beach weather in the future.....

Thursday, June 13, 2013

progressing nicely

the just takes 2 project, i mean.  here are 3 more blocks, not yet trimmed to size, but put together regardless.  i think i have only 1 more applique block to do, the rest are paper pieced and a few just rotary cut.  anxious to get this flimsy done for lots of reasons, not the least of which is to take stock of my brown repro fabrics.  i might have to replenish this part of my stash--remains to be seen.  *** woo hoo, it's my saturday and i haven't much else on my to do list except sew and a few household things.  *** hoping this weekend brings the maine quilts project to completion, not much left to quilt and then to bind.  and vic and i are sewing along on some tumbler quilts.  already have 3 rows together with 8 more to go.  mine will fit a 60" square batt i have on hand and will be sufficient for me...short, you know, or should i say vertically challenged?  *** retreat a short 4 months away, which means that summer will be pretty much gone by then.  but not wishing away the days at all, today is an early summer day to enjoy!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

inching along

after many months of leadering/endering, this postage stamp project is starting to take shape.  these are 16" blocks of inch square finished pieces cut from leftovers, so it is also a memory quilt of sorts.  won't be hand quilting this one for sure, but the colors are sooo gorgeous and will brighten up any space on even the darkest day.  ***  working on just takes 2 (years) blocks this week and have 3 more nearly done.  would like to get this flimsy done even though haven't decided on how to finish or where it will go once it is done.  **** maine quilt show project a bit closer to being done and the little basket quilt is up next.  it seems no matter the weather, plenty of interesting quilting and sewing to be done, an ENJOYable way to spend any day!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

sunday frolic finish

it's a small finish - 26" square - but a finish nonetheless.  it's called "frolic," a pattern by sandy gervais.  decided to use my small cache of watermelon print fabrics to make a summery wallhanging for the work cube.  now to finish quilting the maine quilts piece.  **** machine fun has been on squares for just takes 2 (years), which will keep me busy all week no doubt.  ****  and thinking of starting a new project using stash of dargate indigos, since i have all those blue/cream shirtings as well.  just at the thinking stage; as of yet no fabric has been harmed....LOL  *** perfect june day, ahhhh; would that we had them every single day, for a whole month anyway!