Saturday, May 14, 2016

back in the groove...

that would be the 365 challenge groove...due to moving, unpacking, organizing all the fabric and sewing stuff, it's been on the back burner far too long, until today that is.  my entire Saturday sewing consisted of blocks for 365.  right now I am done thru april 4th, so as of tomorrow it'll be 41 blocks to get current.  the little 3.5" blocks work up fast.  takes more time to find fabric and cut pieces than to sew them.  next 4 days are corner squares for the center medallion, then it's back to blocks, bigger ones and lighter colors.   this is on the design wall right now...

you can see where the corner squares will go....and I have 2 plastic pouches with ALL blocks up thru march done!  right now have oodles of free time, so maybe another week to get current--maybe???  ***  cool, blustery and rainy here today.   the greek festival is going on down the street and they have 2 tents up but hardly anyone there, no doubt due to the weather.   it has poured off and on and winds have been quite gusty with a possible FREEZE tonight??? yes, that is what they say.   ***  and quilting on the "amish in the city" is nearly done...expect to start binding maybe tomorrow.  in addition to most of my fabric and UFOs, have found some extra binding so it's all ready to go.  it is sooo very nice to have time to sew every day.  usually start in first thing in AM after breakfast.  feels odd but a very welcome odd--I feel very blessed at this point in my life.  so many hardships and setbacks along the way for this here and now....I wish this for every quilter....

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

then there were 2....

got 2 blocks together and am really liking the look...if my math is correct, have to make 100 more bow ties for the this is a future flimsy, but will be so fun to hand quilt, which is my goal--that plus using up my fabric.  ***  two years ago at retreat, found this on sale and was only going to buy half yard, but sensibility prevailed and I bought 1 yard of the 3 that were left on bolt. 

I did briefly entertain the thought to buy it all but hesitated....and wish I hadn't.  this is called "la scala" by Hoffman and it is gorgeous.  recently while browsing thru an old "love of quilting" (july/aug 2014) was intrigued by this pattern...completely dismissed the little word upper left that says "challenging" as I knew the Hoffman print would be perfect! 

and it is!  have to say have never made a table runner with so many pieces--they weren't kidding about challenging--but it's nearly together now and well worth the effort.   watch this space to see the flimsy, maybe some time this week.   and even tho I took a brief detour from UFOs for a new project, at some point in the not-too-distant future, it's gonna be scrap day....see what I mean? 

these need to be cut up into usable pieces and some are even large enough to get some big tumblers for a top in the meantime, the "amish in the city" is nearly all quilted and the binding is ready for a hopefully may finish.  next up will tackle a couple of small projects from the basted determine to obliterate that F pile!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

it's a plan!

remember all those little bow tie blocks was hand piecing a while back?  well, have come up with a plan on how to finish them.   making larger blocks of 16 bow ties along with the plum sashing and 4-patch corner of 12 larger blocks will be made and then perhaps a border of single file bow ties around the top--the plan is still in flux for borders--but with a plan can now work on assembling and see how many more will be needed.   *** and those little friendship stars?  a while back I was in a swap for some.  when the doll quilt came up, thought I might make more to use for the doll quilt, but due to moving and unpacking, luckily found a small quilt that was ideal and so the pieces for the stars got set aside, until yesterday that is.... and egad, the next FWS block was released but am going to hold off and tackle 365 today.....cloudy and rain continues albeit with warmer temps....have heard that once this weather pattern changes, we will be into the hot so enjoying the cooler temps in spite of no sun.  hey, as long as it isn't snow I can work around go out there are sew something! 

Monday, May 9, 2016

design wall monday

nice to be able to participate once again in DWM....this weekend (sat/mon) got all up to date with the FWS blocks....was getting aggravated with so many small pieces--the paper pieces were creating lots of bulk that was skewing my piecing, so on the last one (bottom) decided to pull out papers unit by unit, thus giving me a better result.  now on to 365, which is SERIOUSLY in arrears.  *** hope all had an enjoyable mother's day, I know I did...and the weather gave us a treat of a sunny, breezy day but rain and clouds are back today.  no matter, makes great sewing weather!