Monday, April 10, 2017

one more thing....

this is my 2nd year participating in humble quilts' doll quilt mentioned previously, mine is in process, but i did receive a very pretty spools doll quilt from danice in AL....danice also got my name last year and sent me a little chinese coins quilt along with a handkerchief doll that sits on my treadle...thank you danice!

what a great way to use up some of those fabrics with larger prints....

yes, another post!

being without my laptop has really cramped my blogging but do have some things to show, so making the supreme effort to bring it up to date.  need to change header photo but that is for another day....since my last post have gotten some sewing done...for instance, the doll clothes are done and gone!  they were well received and that makes me happy....the money too i have to admit.  also, did some traveling and found the beach!  yes, real sand and sea....a bit of a drive, but also obtained my lifetime state park pass for a pittance so now i am good to go to any state park for free.  here are a few photos i took....the beach itself isn't huge, rather long and narrow compared to maine beaches, but salt water it is and i don't even have to think about crossing that horrific bridge!

it looks a little nondescript, but trust me, it is a very spacious and large park with several areas for boat launch, private group parties, a first aid building, a concession stand and bath house, plus areas of shade with plenty of picnic tables and grills.  *** and last week was a sort of perfect storm of mini-disasters....first, my wrist watch died, then one of my fabric shelves deconstructed and lastly, my portable radio/CD player fell off the bed and bit the dust.  the watch was replaced first....but the other two are on hold for the moment for that always-in-need stash of cash. 

so for the time being, will be diving into this fabric pile for anything i might need stash-wise. 
also finished all the borders on this "sunshiny day" wall piece.   goes into the finish pile for some basting marathon day.  

working on a doll quilt for upcoming swap that i can't yet show, plus something for my mom for mother's day and also a mug rug for another swap.  the milky way masquerade is just about ready to bind, and so prepped the binding for that plus sunshiny day at the same time.  *** aside from these things, doing the usual and a couple of fun freebie things as well.  spring/early summer has arrived here with temps in the 80s today and tomorrow.  everything is blooming and green; can't believe non-winter has come and gone so quickly.  and how about that crazy giraffe????