Saturday, March 3, 2012

the greatest thing....

since sliced bread, as the saying goes...that would be this seam guide.  no, it's not a vintage guide that originally fit on phoebe but a newer version.  nonetheless, it's ideal for keeping those seam allowances straight and consistent.  i never used one before but just trying it has made me a life-long convert.  as for phoebe, she is running like a dream.  a bit noisy, i think, but maybe that's just her.  i've removed the bottom plate and oiled/lubricated every spot indicated in the directions.  i've adjusted the belt, wound bobbins and sewn itty bitty perfect seams.  i see now why this machine is so highly sought.  it's virtually indestructible, completely self-maintenance and i have to say the stitch quality surpasses even the old viking.  i didn't think that would be the case but it is.  no, i haven't abandoned the old viking but i am completely enamored with phoebe's stitch.  today i'm off to get a new light bulb so i can see that perfect stitch all the better. 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

finally here!

not sadie hawkins day, noooo; it's phoebe!  she was here when i got home from work yesterday and was immediately unpacked and inspected, found to be in very good condition...."born" in 1955!  after some cleaning and oiling, she was up and running like new.  the case smells musty, of course, but that has been remedied.  i replaced her belt too; this is really a DIY machine for sure!  she's my present to me for returning to work.  *** speaking of work, going fine, still getting used to having less expanses of free time to do whatever.  it actually makes me more productive by being more organized and procrastinating less.  also results in shorter, less rambling posts too!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

15 minutes

even though i worked yesterday, i still found at least 15 minutes to quilt on this little UFO.  i'm hoping for another finish early in march.  simply cannot abandon a little playtime; it'll just have to be planned for the next couple of weeks.  this piece is nearly ready for binding, which is all prepped and waiting.  next have to baste/quilt the "variety" piece and then work on a little swap piece.  **** had my hair cut a bit so now it's even less maintenance than previous.  my perm will be gone by may or so when i'll get my summer short cut, the wash and wear do.  *** oops, gotta go and get dressed!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

time on your hands? NQR (not quilt related)

the norfolk botanical garden eaglecam has been on for a few weeks now.  last year's dad eagle, whose mate was killed by the airplane, is back and has a new mate after trying out a few different ones.  she is youthful (what else is new...are all men the same?), about 4 years old and hasn't gotten her white tail feathers yet; still has a few specks of brown on her head as well.  while they have been seen mating several times, no eggs laid yet.  she is, however, spending more and more time in the nest that dad adjusts on a daily basis.  she still has time--the garden biologist says end of march would be the cutoff--to lay an egg or maybe more.  in the meantime, new cameras have been installed and repositioned to satisfy the thousands of voyeurs to this real-life saga.  one caveat:  watching can be addicting, especially once eggs are in the nest.  the moderator comments are informative and funny as well.  if she is unsuccessful in producing an egg after several mating attempts, dad will drop her and find another mate for next year.  **** in another update, one of last year's chicks, the female released in august with the transmitter, was eating carrion and struck by a car.  she was rescued and returned to the wildlife center to heal, which she is currently doing.  it's phenomenal to see the size of this yearling and for her latest progress, just go on over to the wildlife center and take a peek. 

first february finish

so here's little red quilt #3, now all quilted and bound and labeled....meaning, it's officially finished!  i know, there are no windows in this traditional block, but i like it better without the windows for a more rustic, folk art feel.  i've already started quilting another little quilt, dresden plates, that might or might not be a february finish but with the extra day this year, who knows?  **** my ultra-quilty weekend has flown by.  i got my autumn change quilt basted and ready to quilt on friday.  i spent part of saturday at the quilt museum and got to see a civil war quilt up close.  today it's prep clothes and get a haircut for work starting tomorrow.  i imagine it'll take a bit to get back in the groove but looking forward to having less empty time to fill with whatever.  **** our spring-like winter continues.  we aren't home free yet, though; march can be snowy and stormy too.  it'll be mid-april or so before we can be confident of winter's end.