Thursday, November 6, 2014

mission accomplished

so all 16 blocks of the main top are done and together...and wow, the pattern shows up really well....i like it a lot.  now to start the 4 borders, also done with 1.5" strips and scrappy style.  the 4 corner squares are all done and waiting for the border sections.  ***  cruised over to marcia's site quilterscache and found a nice pattern for my solid yellow, which will be the background.  yellow is a color i hardly use and had seen some quilts using yellow and they really pop.  don't think i'll be starting that right away, though.  wish i hadn't packed away the orange scraps and pattern book for my modern quilt as i'd really like to do that next, but will have to wait.  ***  worked on the hawaiian last night and am thinking this might be finished sooner than originally thought.  fortunately there are plenty other things in progress to fill that void when it comes.  now back to border construction!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

first four blocks....

of the scrappy shenandoah log cabin are done!  thanks to michele, i decided to use only dark value strips and i think that makes the pattern easy to see despite the scrappiness.  the sewing space is a mess with strips and blocks everywhere but hoping to finish up the blocks and have the inner portion of the top all together by week's end....then i can concentrate on the border.  this will be a tied quilt as there are too many seams to hand quilt.  with a bit of luck, i could have 2 more finishes of bed size quilts before year's end, this one and the amish center diamond...these and finish the hawaiian applique part is about all i can manage in the remaining less than 2 months.   next machine project is to finish the ocean waves flimsy.  keeping the stash in plain view is a huge motivating factor, that plus it is so enjoyable to me.  mostly keeps me out of the doldrums from feeling trapped here. 


my trip was actually over 500 miles each WAY, which was still a lot for me to do...i don't mind highway driving but it does get boring after a while.....

Monday, November 3, 2014

too late....

if you quilt, you know what this was waiting for me when i arrived back in maine today.  so sorry hancock's but my fabric budget is blown for the remainder of the year.  in fact, i've deleted several fabric emails just in the last 2 days.  i didn't even look, wasn't even tempted.  am hoping my resolve HAS least until march when "union blues" is available.  by then i should have busted enough to ease my conscience, well that's the plan anyway.  **** speaking of maine, it's pretty chilly here and yes, there was a bit of snow still left at the periphery of the lawn.  fortunately the most was far north of here but it won't be long before it creeps our way.  **** early to bed (once my fabric is dry) and hoping white line fever is gone in the morning.  the drive is certainly do-able but it's still over 500 miles each day.  even with dry roads and sunshine, it's tiring, but was worth every mile. 

we had cake!

in celebration of marge's 50th retreat, the staff of Amishview sent in this delish cake for all to enjoy....and it certainly was good! half chocolate, half white; it took a few days to polish off most of it....and of course the staff enjoyed some as well.  it was a nice surprise for all of us....*** well, mom tells me there is only a dusting of snow on the ground, so hoping by the time i arrive it will be melted.  had hoped to be relocated south before snow started but not yet.  will continue on until that happens.

so long buggies and bossies....

at least for was a reluctant and somber trip out of lancaster county after a glorious relaxing and fun-filled week of all good things.  with all my stuff loaded into the car plus some local goodies to bring home, i reflected on all that had transpired, not just sewing and shopping, but also a relay fundraiser and reconnection with new, but tried-and-true friends.  it's true i am a city girl and like being close to city diversions, but this time away basking in open spaces and quiet ways invigorated and fed my soul.  ****  the wind is still howling outside and has been all day.  no snow here in CT but in maine there is....glad i brought along my wool winter hat.  it seemed dumb last week but came in handy today.  once i get unpacked i'll show my progress last week, but first gotta find space for "some" new fabric....oh that rue indienne line from moda.  i made a pledge to delete all shop emails from now until march when "union blues" from barbara brackman comes out....and until then, i'm going to be sewing and sewing and get the idea.  say, does anyone know how to attach a sewing machine table to a treadmill?