Friday, November 14, 2014

small sewing

first was to sew up a little amish style piece using up some blocks put together a while back...these are 3" finished and about as small as i make.  i had 13 blocks and used 12, holding the other until more blocks are made someday....maybe.  next is the start of a batik scrappy pineapple piece to see if i can finally use up some batik scraps still on hand after several projects.  i place the inspiration for these solely on bonnie hunter as a few years ago she showed her tiny scrappy pineapple blocks and i was immediately sucked in, smitten and totally over the moon.  she is a serious enabler for sure, but the very best kind.  only planning on 25 of these, providing my scraps hold out that long.  ***  these little projects took my mind off our first snowfall with more in the forecast.  it was inevitable and not the end of the world by any means, but it is a nuisance and one must bear up living here in new england.  and judging by the country's weather map, could be a lot worse.  *** and the very best news is saved for last.....the applique on the hawaiian is completely done, done, done!  this means it will next get basted and hopefully start quilting before the end of the year.  first, though, must rack up a couple more finishes from the 2014 UFO list.  have started more projects to be added to the 2015 list, so doubt it will be any shorter next year but there is progress of sorts.  *** while in pennsylvania touring back roads, saw a sign in front of a church saying "too blessed to complain" and am hoping to keep this in my mind all the time.  despite disappointments and setbacks, my life is rich in so many ways.....

Thursday, November 13, 2014

civil war coup

it was a battle of sorts but finally won and got this little block finished finally.  part of the reason was when i printed the foundation, i didn't do reverse and so when it was first sewn, was totally opposite from the original block.  i took it apart and tried to tweak it but had to start over with a new foundation, not to mention some dedicated time to have the book open in front of me while sewing it together.   no, haven't picked this project up again but the block was languishing on the sewing table and had to be corrected before the table could get cleared.  have been working my way to seeing the top of the table all week and getting this done is progress.  ***  today is miscellaneous sewing stuff day to get the table top cleared first, then focus on the borders for shenandoah.  later on will get back to the hawaiian as well.  planning to use up some tiny amish 9-patch blocks put together with scraps into a small wall piece which will get the blocks off the table as well.  so all of today's minutes are planned and will be used up for sewing and relaxing fun....all in all a delish day off!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

scrappy alphabet

this sew along is nearing its end, so thought i would show my progress to date.  this is being done completely out of my scrap basket.  the great thing about taking photos is that i can see the letter "O" must be replaced as the fabric used isn't that defined.  have no destination for this little wallhanging but no doubt an occasion will arise at some point and make a nice gift. ***  it's my friday today and it's been a challenging short week trying to stave off a serious cold/respiratory illness.  in addition to sewing progress, my christmas gift list got finalized.  no big plans for any of the upcoming holidays, just relax and enjoy.  with plenty of sewing projects and more than enough fabric on hand, that should be easy peasy.....

Monday, November 10, 2014

to paraphrase....

the journey of 1000+ patches begins with a little stack.....yes, i AM cutting them individually for that scrappy look, and no, i do not have any kind of timetable for this beautiful antique quilt project.   it's just one of those things i could not resist and will be done at some point in the future.  since the hawaiian applique is nearly done, bold adventurousness took over and decided to take this on.  i simply love it, and the pink was already purchased while on retreat.  am also up to date and a bit ahead on the little alphabet blocks; starting to put the rows together for what's done and it is pretty cute.  also got a stack of units cut out for more solid bow tie blocks.  *** in the process of trying to eke out more space in the sewing corner of my room.  a tall bookcase was selected with (hopefully) enough shelf space for the stash to sort by color, not yet assembled as the floor space has not quite been found.  the boxes have to be shifted to unblock the heating baseboard since winter will inevitably arrive at some point.  *** one border is finished and applied to the scrappy shenandoah cabin.  lots of things in progress, which is how i usually sew, and often results in many finishes in a short period of time.  i'm shooting for  2 more bed size finishes before year's end, so gotta go....time's fleeting!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

inchie sewing

it started simply enough by trying to clear off the sewing table....i came across a baggie of inchies given to me at retreat by michele...wondering how long it might take to sew them up into little strips, less than an hour later they are sewn into pairs and some into foursies...but chain piecing can get boring and besides, the sewing table is STILL in need of a clear off, so i'll put these aside with other inchies for another time or maybe later today.  the main project is borders for the shenandoah log cabin PLUS a little quilt project that has been percolating.  and yes, the hawaiian is coming along.  i've just about finished the last large cluster of fronds and heading into a short section that will finish the applique part.  and some time today, will get another alphabet letter is "S" so it's a serendipity sewing day, cloudy and cold outside but bright and busy inside.