Saturday, September 17, 2011

FNSI Report

disclaimer:  this is probably a boring post but i worked on only the lovers' links last night during FNSI.  it's at the hump point, meaning seems like it is taking forever to get it done, but a little push and the finish will be in sight.  that'll rev up my impetus to finish this and get down to the binding for early fall completion. 

Friday, September 16, 2011


sheesh, almost forgot; tonight's the night!  friday night sew-in!  i'm ready, got the lovers' links in the hoop to work on PLUS busy cutting out "amish in the city" inbetween.  just popped some orange cranberry scones (barefoot contessa recipe) in the oven and plenty of diet pepsi in the refrigerator; how good is that?

half done!

the quilting part, that is.  there's still the binding to do after, but at least the lovers' links is getting done.  i've some lavendar solid for the binding, so some day i'll have to pull that out and get that made so it will be ready.  with half the month to go, i could very well get this done if i don't work on too many other projects in the meantime.  **** my other handwork project is sewing together squares and rows of the amish pinwheel.  that'll be the next bed quilt to be quilted.  ***** our temps are down to real fall levels.  last night i even wore my FLANNEL pj pants to bed, with one quilt over me and the window open.  fall activities are in full swing in maine, meaning apple picking and orchard festivities.  i just love the autumn!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the word uttered

this very morning, september 14th, the local weather guy said it OUT LOUD!  what was it? with his head!

on the wall

the amish pinwheels have made it vertical!  i did this for color placement and am pretty satisfied, though i did find quite a few purple value blocks in the stack.  the center medallion is to be quilted.  it's a large urn with feathers and topped with a pineapple.  though i don't like to use fusibles on my fabric, not being sure what their very long-term results are, i couldn't think of another method that would be as botch-free as Transfer-eze.  i've got a wool batt at the ready for this once the flimsy is done, currently being assembled by hand.  this is another fully hand-pieced, hand-quilted project.  after i finish quilting lovers' links, this one will be quilted, hoping to get it done for my bed this winter.  it'll be cozy, don't you think?

Monday, September 12, 2011

quick stop

though i try to keep my posts quilt related, this will be a rare exception.  on the way to the beach today, stopped at the local farm stand and picked up this colorful bounty.  not pictured are 4 ears of corn and a jar of jam.  in summer we consume mass quantities of the fresh veggies available.  the peppers will go into spaghetti sauce, the zucchini for pancakes or bread; the rest just get prepared simply to maximize flavor.  we already had green beans, so i passed on those. there were winter squashes also, but plenty of time for those when the others are gone.  we've also had native peaches and muskmelons from this stand this year.  we also get fresh garlic, red potatoes, red onions, scallions, broccoli and herbs.  nature's bounty indeed! ***** the beach?  it was a perfect no sunscreen, no umbrella, no sweatshirt day.  not hot, not cold, breezy, refreshing; water was cold, of course, but not unbearable.  can only hope for more days like today. 

day break

the shore beckons and the weather is summery.  what is an ocean-loving girl to do?  answer the call....quilting postponed to another day

Sunday, September 11, 2011

how eerie is that?

in 1991 or 1992, i went to visit the statue of liberty.  it was the very beginning of november, the day before the NY marathon.  the weather was a balmy 72 degrees, unheard of for late fall.  the day was gorgeous.  the ferry across the harbor was spectacular.  the christmas decorations already displayed seemed utterly out of place.  on happenstance, i snapped this photo.  i found it the other day while cataloging my trip photos for a scrapbook.  i thought it was a twilight zone moment, like some supernatural event, coming across this particular photo in this particular week.