Friday, May 31, 2013

not quite good enough...

to send out for a swap.  this little quilt is 24" square and made with my delish civil war repro fabrics.  it is hand pieced and hand quilted.  but, wasn't happy with the way the squares join together, i.e. the junctions, so it will stay with me and another will be sent in its place.  i followed the sewing lines but just wasn't satisfied.  i am no expert by any means, and no perfectionist either, but was afraid the recipient might be disappointed.  as mentioned many times before, i sew for fun and what might be acceptable to me might not be for somebody else.  *** that being said, the one that is being sent is getting its binding sewn down today.  i have a week to get this package out and have some other goodies being included.  a photo will be posted once it's been received and opened.  *** another summery day here and have lots planned for my 2nd weekend day, basting the maine quilts piece and another little summery wallhanging among other things.  plus have to find another portable project to take along and finish.  and with the churn dash blocks all done, the flimsy can now be assembled.  see?  plenty of ways to spend and ENJOY the day!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

summer day sewing

 ok, trying this again.  scooted over to internet explorer and saw that many pictures got posted, not sure why.  it's blogger up to its old tricks, i guess.  so in the top photo is the magazine page showing the quilt in the background.  have no idea how big the original blocks were, probably smaller than my 4" finished ones will be; even so, i like the pattern and the fabrics, so we will see how it progresses. 
it is a summer day here in coastal maine and we did make the short trip to the ocean for a bit with many more to come, i hope.  the first day of my weekend is nearly over with the promise of another good day tomorrow.  i do believe summer is really here now!  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

blocks are done!

20 little churn dash blocks, all in a row....and all done too!  these will be set on point alternating with solid green squares--for quilting obviously--into another gift quilt.  these are all hand pieced and will be hand quilted too.  **** our brief sojourn into sunny days has ended with rain all day today again.  no matter, beach weather is coming for the rest of the week!  so finally a reason to enjoy living in maine.  *** sewing plans for today, of course, and guess what?  it's my friday again, yippee!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

sittin' thrifty

for some time been looking around for a new sewing/computer chair.  the one i have came from the thrift a while ago, has no wheels and is "on its last legs" (no pun intended!).  checked with several retailers, craigslist, freecyle...all the usual places.  then when at the thrift last week, saw this for the exorbitant price of.....$2.99...that's right just under $3!  it's a tad large for my tiny space but it's in good condition and quite sturdy for long-term use.  i've cleaned the upholstery but still appear to be a few minor stains.  i could recover it and may, but it's nearly perfect for my needs.  with carpet, it doesn't glide across the floor as easily as i'd like, but for the price and condition, can't balk.  **** looks like warmer temps finally headed our way.  that means my ears won't be cold anymore....LOL!  *** and sewing?  been quilting on a little swap quilt and doing some machine stuff that isn't ready for showing off yet, but soon. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

a rose is a rose is a rose...

after divorcing my first husband of 11 years, i was married to this piece of property for 10 years.  it was a typical dysfunctional marriage, me the giver and it the taker.  it took nearly every spare moment of my time, my funds, my energy and my youth.  the only people i associated with were tradesmen--hardware store clerks, oil burner techs, snowplow drivers, appliance repairmen, city tax clerks, electric meter readers and, of course, the bank loan officer.  but in may and june, when i was faced with the prospect of endless lawn duties, i would come home from one job or another and see this vibrant color and swoon with delight.  aaahhh, my little house on the drag strip, as i called it, being located on a busy city corner.  it was an oasis at times and a burden others.  i don't miss it, rather the personal freedom of owning a place of my own.  my dream life of a professional single gal living in a city condo never materialized, but if that's the worse thing that happens in my life, it will be of no consequence.  so glad i still have this photo of my "second marriage" and the beauty it still evokes of bittersweet days.