Saturday, December 22, 2012

wouldn't be christmas....

without some decorated cookies and while in years past i would make 4-5 different kinds of cookies, this year it's only these.  years ago did cookie swaps and such but since our family has grown, dispersed or passed away, no need for too many.  it's sad how the really fun years don't last very long.  i was probably working 2-3 jobs and missed enjoying them as much as i would have liked.   life was pretty chaotic and crisis-filled in those days, so i am trying to make the most of my days now.  probably explains why i have sooo many UFOs....LOL!  *** off to use up the day's minutes having more fun!

Friday, December 21, 2012

our tree

it has a bit of that dorky home-made look but we like it.  in truth, a real tree with ornaments would be enough to make us happy.  i prefer tinsel but mom loves the garland, so we compromise.  it's a real trip down memory lane when we decorate.  there is an angel on the top i've had for over 20 years.  i sent a few along to DD and her hubby that were especially meaningful to her for her tree.  on the right is a corner of my cedar chest, mediterranean style from the 1970s, my fave at the time.  my FIL bought it, sent me to the furniture store to choose one i liked.  now it holds old baby clothes and toys, some wool items, other momentos.  **** today was shopping today, food and gifts, and all is done.  just a few to wrap and it's relaxation time.  **** the christmas scrappy binding is nearly done, wahoo!  that means i have 3 finishes in the last 3 months of 2012.  my 2013 UFO list is nearly complete and is equally bed size and small projects.  *** nearly drowned while shopping today, what with wind and heavy, driving rain.  not complaining, glad it wasn't snow.  lots of traffic (we live right by the mall) making it slow going.  back to finish binding!  

an early giftie

mr. mailman brought a package from vic the other day and included inside were these; a charm pack of shelburne museum fabrics and a tumbler template--and it's the perfect size too!  this is terrific!  been drooling over repro tumbler quilts on various blogs brewing the possibility of making one; even entered a giveaway for a template (didn't win), so this is perfect!  already have a stack of repro shirting squares from a swap so pretty soon i'll be cutting away at repro tumblers.  it's a perfect scrappy quilt!  she also sent a potholder made by the stashbuster group's listmom and a lovely lavendar sachet she made for my drawer.  **** been sewing down the binding on the christmas scrappy hoping for a christmas finish maybe?  also on the machine are more batik squares to (hopefully soon) bust that bali pop.  today is a mostly shopping day.  **** i tweaked the arrangement of my room a bit that gives me some extra space temporarily until i find a small desk.  the laptop and printer were previously precariously perched on an unstable desk-like thingie.  i wanted an elfa desk (sale in january), but it's simply too big for the available spot.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

binding it up!

ooohhh, doesn't this look christmas-y!  i opted against a solid red or solid green fearing "too much," and so i am thrilled with this fabric for the binding.  it looks kinda like candy canes don't you think?  *** most of my christmas tasks are done with the exception of a few so i've time to sew on my own stuff.  while the weather is more like spring than christmas (pouring rain), the holiday mood isn't dampened at all (excuse the pun!).  also sewing along on the batik floating 4-patch squares, hoping to get them all done soon.  and lastly, time to download the last (i think) installment of "just takes 2" which is also languishing on the ironing table.  hasn't been forgotten, just set aside for far too long.  off to meet the day!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

this christmas?

as in, will this project be done for this christmas?  nope, not at all, but perhaps next.  this is gail pan's design called "christmas wishes" that was offered free on the internet some time ago.  it got put aside until now.  there are 9 blocks in all and it will go in with my other wallhangings of the month.  the pattern called for red but since i'm not really a red person, i opted for the green...i believe this is a moda "grace" fabric....and a bit of a change from the traditional red/green combo.  **** yippee, it's raining here today meaning bye bye snow.  we didn't get much so it was tolerable but none is even better.  i was home from work monday with a sore throat, congestion and cough so no real sewing, but i did start binding the christmas scrappy quilt inbetween naps and OJ.  *** is christmas really one week from today?  can't possibly be but it is i know.  we are really enjoying our tree this year, small but totally adorned with all those ornaments from years gone by plus the new little patchwork pinwheels!

Monday, December 17, 2012

thinking of spring

with our first plowable snow on the ground overnight, i am trying to ignore it and think of spring.  these got pulled from my stash as i have always wanted to make a pink and green quilt.  i have a pattern in mind and wanted to see how they all went together.  the 2 lights on the right will probably get removed in favor of more true green prints.  i need 3 yards of each color and it looks close, though i have yet to measure.  taking a photo always helps when deciding these things.  **** yesterday made more squares from the watermelon batiks and once this flimsy is together, it's over to "just takes 2" for the machine project.  and the christmas scrappy?  just about ready to start the binding, whew! 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

unsolicited testimonial

some blog or yahoo post mentioned Snapware products.  i had seen some coupons in the sunday paper a while ago and cut them out just in case.  when joann had a 50% off sale on storage items, i hopped in and picked these up with my coupons.  i think i paid $3 for the larger and $2 for the smaller between the sale and my coupons.  the little one is ideal for embellishment beads/needles (top) and applique threads/needles (bottom).  the larger one holds quilting threads (top) and sewing and quilting notions (bottom).  compartmentalizing stuff is a habit from living in teeny, tiny rooms and being homeless.  in difficult situations like those, it is imperative to be able to find things on short notice.  even now, cramped into one small (not tiny) room, it makes it easier to store and locate needed items.  i am needing a desk but, more important, some place to put one.