Saturday, April 28, 2012

star progress

had a whirlwind week working, visiting, doing errands and household chores, but i did manage to fit in some sewing time.  mostly i've been working on this feathered star trying to get it finished for DD and DSIL's anniversary.  course, it would mean another removal from my UFO list too, which is a plus.  i've also worked a bit on "just takes 2" blocks, mostly printing them out on foundation papers.  next week i am hoping to mark the last border on the center diamond and finish that next.  **** the next step in using up the solids is cut all the triangles i need for my ocean waves quilt that is also in progress.  i am on a mission to wipe out--or nearly--that drawer of solid scraps.  **** on another note, i tripped the other night and took a belly flop onto a carpeted floor.  no bones broken but pulled some chest/shoulder muscles.  it's improving slowly but i am stunned as to how painful and debilitating this unseen injury is.  the pain woke me in the middle of the night and right away i'm thinking "heart attack," but no (which is good).  nevertheless, the heating pad and ibuprofen are my new best friends--for the duration--and i'm back wearing my bra to bed like those post-partum days.  thankfully it hasn't hampered my quilting ability but it affects just about everything else.  i'm guessing a few more days and it should be a lot least i hope so. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1 more for JT2

here is one of those "forever" blocks, a fancy applique.  the fabric chosen is a jo morton fabric, a luscious deep brown floral.  it's pinned down and ready to applique...well not quite, a bit of adjusting is required first.  it'll be gorgeous when done.  after this, i've a large feathered star block and a pieced compass block.  these should keep me busy for quite a while.  first must finish is the feathered star, though.   ***** and a sincere thank you to the weather fates; we got 2 days of heavy rain but not a flake.  i guess winter is really over for a while.  

Monday, April 23, 2012

retreat weekend wrap-up

though i am still way behind on this project, some progress was made yesterday.  these browns are civil war browns from stash and muslin was on hand.  in addition to these blocks, i have another in the machine being paper-pieced and 2 more in the started stage.  so far i have avoided the most difficult, larger blocks--a feathered star, a pieced compass and a vintage applique.  there are others besides that are paper-pieced not yet prepped, plus some checkerboard units.  will try and get the applique and compass blocks done next as these can be handwork tasks.  **** the little pile of amish scraps has "grown" into blocks and strips; next is to cut some strips for an ocean waves in progress.  i've finished cutting the solids for the "hole in the barn door" quilt in progress too.  until i've finished all the pieces for the quilts in progress, i don't want to start any new solid projects as i really am trying to empty this drawer.  **** lastly, i'm quilting on the feathered star wallhanging hoping for another finish soon.  all in all, a busy sunday sewing session!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

watch it grow!

the stashbuster's weekend retreat theme is "watch it grow" so after growing my amish in the city squares on friday, today i'm growing this little pile of scraps into squares and strips.  had to organize the "solids" drawer again to get it closed and found these.  i also cut up more units for a "hole in the barn door" quilt that is in progress.  now that i've emptied a shoebox, emptying a whole drawer would be really exciting.  so, i have 5 amish quilts in progress and the next is off my WHIMM list...a scrappy of my all-time favorite patterns.  i do believe i can bust most, if not all, this fabric stash in my lifetime!