Saturday, November 26, 2016


not!!!   not when 365 needs attention....latest stack....excited to be nearing the end of this year-long challenge.

the 6" block is the next-to-last of its size for the dark border....just the one more 6" dark block and 18 smalls to finish the dark squares, then move on to the last and light border.  skipped over the tiny tree of life and chose a bonus block that was posted for those who needed one.  even if had funds to shop, simply no time.  have a small christmas gift list that was finalized before this weekend, so no impulse buying either.  much more enjoyable playing in the stash than fighting for parking spaces, standing in store lines and elbowing crowds.  the holiday season has begun!  i'll be linking up with oh scrap! because quilting IS way more fun than housework!

Friday, November 25, 2016

not too soon....

to pull out the christmas quilt as my first holiday decoration.   arriving home after wonderful turkey day (although we had ham) with my daughter, son-in-love and my mom visiting from maine, went to the quilt pile.  it is a smallish quilt so put another underneath, the amish pinwheel with the wool batt.

this is a true scrappy as even the background white fabrics are a variety of scraps.  my other christmas quilt is a double wedding ring done with solid forest green and cranberry.   ***  blessed holiday and visit with my mom.  wednesday we went to gettysburg battlefield which is GINORMOUS!   spent 3.5 hours driving thru reading many informational plaques and monuments as we took in the enormity of the casualties, the battle, the landscape (which was mostly woods at the time) and the general atmosphere of such a hallowed place.  normally chatty, it overwhelmed us into reverent silence for the sacrifices of so many and disgust as, in today's world, many tramp on those sacrifices because of their own agendas.  the plaques listed the action over the days of the battles, the number originally sent, those killed or wounded and the many missing whose remains must rest below the earth in such a solemn place.  urge you to go if you are ever nearby.  then a quick trip to harper's ferry and finally home to relieve our fanny fatigue.  ***  thankfulness continues with post-holiday sewing time and finally mystery clue #1!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

365 so far aka seam-mageddon!

next task is to make the corner squares, obviously, and finish up the little blocks so can get the last 2 dark borders attached.   adding these 2 has re-ignited my mojo for this project.  no fabric was purchased for this project at all, entirely from stash.  explains why there are lots of empty spools.

managed to keep my bare toes out of this photo but going to be a challenge to photograph when the top is done.  would have loved to used a particular color scheme on this but have to say scrappy is not entirely un-pleasing.  you can still sign up for next year....just search for 365 on facebook!  this has been a HUGE machine piecing challenge for me.  some of the blocks are perfect, some are awful and a lot are not bad, but it has ramped up my skills and (so far) glad i tackled it....  ***  ah, november 22nd, a day boomers will never forget.  walking home from 9th grade thru downtown and passed appliance store with several televisions on--black and white of course--seeing that JFK had been killed...seemed very unreal but horrific at the same time.  then four days of nothing but funereal dirges and nonstop TV watching of ensuing events.  no school, of course, so days seemingly endless hours of ceremony, dignitaries and then actually jack ruby walking right up and killing!   that was REAL reality TV....

Monday, November 21, 2016

fast finish

only busted half a yard but another UFO is of the many little quilts that got sewn up last year when had no real sewing space but compelled to sew something!!!

actually made a couple of these using different fabrics, one was amish and completed previously.   also closing in on another finish and, no surprise, have started quilting on another--the milky way masquerade.  ***  ready as can be for bonnie hunter's mystery starting friday.  won't get much sewing done until then, but the weekend is dedicated to 365.  all the little blocks have been posted and the daily blocks now are for the final border, so imperative to get caught up so can finish on time.  

Sunday, November 20, 2016

super saturday!

exactly as weatherman had predicted (how spooky is that?) about 2 pm it turned dark and very windy and temps began to 3 hours went from 68 degrees to 40 matter to me....was engrossed in this that the mailman brought...

which had tons of eye candy and great articles, not to mention this...a gorgeous quilt by jo morton...

which had me drooling, but with laundry done was time to start supper....and what better for cold and blustery than this....clam chowder!   the simple new england kind with NO celery, NO flour, NO crazy herbs of any kind....just chowder with a dash of leftover cream added....mmm mmmm good!

will taste even better fortunate that my local market carries the chopped sea clams normally used, since fresh, whole, shucked are exorbitantly priced.  will provid needed sustenance for mega cleaning before company arrives early next week....