Saturday, July 12, 2014

woo hoo!

this behemoth of a BOM is finally done!  the "just takes 2" got finished last evening during the 6:30 news and what a great feeling it was!  not to say i didn't enjoy this project; i did.  it was a real challenge for me to take on more complicated blocks than usual, but thought it would be off my UFO list much sooner than this.  even so, i am a process person and did enjoy the process, not to mention the freedom of free-form quilting each and every block differently, except the geese and checkerboard units--those were all quilted the same.  anyway, it needs its finish bath and measure to see how much yardage got busted and then it belongs to my mum....and on to the next UFO.  **** first up is to repair a quilt i had made for my dad in the 1980s, a scrappy drunkard's path that needs some repair and new binding.  the little tumbler quilt should be the next UFO finish and i think august will be devoted to the hawaiian to see if the applique can get finished; then september to finish another donation UFO. **** the JTT was the 3rd hand quilted quilt that got finished this year so far....not to shabby! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

come along.....

starts august 1, have corraled my fabrics for this one already and ALL are from the stash except the black print....good stashbusting here!  hop on over to marcus fabrics' facebook page and get all the down and dirty details....would love to have you on board. 

here is my stack for this project....

i may or may not swtich out the light print, first i have to find my light stash in a box someplace.  pretty sure that the "just takes 2" will be history long before this sew-along starts.  and today is the last day of my weekend, so off to play some more! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

won't be long now.....

until this lovely line of fabrics is available to add to MY stash....the FQ bundle is too pricey but there are a few prints i simply must get.  what minick & simpson did for red (midwinter reds, swoon) they have now done for blues/tans....i love them!  *** it's my weekend and spending time this morning working on the JTT, yes STILL!  beach weather was a detour from getting this off my UFO list, but temps have modulated and so back on track today.  *** also on the weekend list--aside from some mundane stuff--is to possibly unpack and assemble the storage drawers my sister gave me for christmas....after all it's july and about time too!  this is going to house my UFO projects now stored in shoeboxes, then the shoeboxes can be repurposed.  i am also thinking of getting a tall cabinet for my stash to sort by color, but that will wait until the move takes place.  i'll show the storage drawers once they are together.  *** i've started my lists for retreat, what to take etc. it's coming up fast...every beach day is a day closer.  for now, though, it's back to JTT!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

are you a kaffe fan?

these are duplicates that came in the mail yesterday, up for sale for $10 plus shipping from zip 04106....if you are interested, email me.  the colors are much brighter than my camera depicts; for instance, the lower left piece is bright orange....makes my internal juices zing!  how can you NOT be a kaffe fan?  my stripe collection is now complete and anxious to find a pattern for them and go to play for serious.  ****  already gotta spend more time on finishing "just takes 2" as i am closing in on the finish this good is that? 

Monday, July 7, 2014

next UFO....

some time ago my friend vic gave me the template for these little tumblers and right away several got cut out and a few sewn together for a little quilt.  since the "just takes 2" is almost done, pulled out this project to get this UFO done.  have to do a bit of "unsewing" on this row and then put the rest together.  also working on getting the "cabana daydreams" to the flimsy stage and set aside; will be a UFO for 2015 no doubt.  keeping sewing busy despite entering mid-summer and its accompanying hot/humid days.  just can't believe how fast the days are flying by.  making as much progress as i can despite beach time.  yesterday me, mom and sis went to a nearby ocean campground for swimming and a delish buffet dinner.  **** the week starts again today...see, i told you time was flying!  now keep calm and sew on!