Saturday, June 8, 2013

birthday girl!

hard to believe she is all grown up now, but this was her first formal portrait at 3 months old.  truly a gift from God, my most fun and important job ever.  happy birthday dear daughter! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

seeing stars

perhaps the october retreaters might recognize the batiks in these stars; we had a swap and my gift was a package of blue/turquoise/yellow batik charms and this is what i did with them.  these are 2 strips of 14 stars each for.....pillowcases!  my sheets are blue and yellow solids so these will go quite nicely, i think.  **** now that they are done, the old viking needs a bit of cleaning and then it's on to the next machine project, which is just takes 2.  this flimsy really has to get finished.  **** my little swap quilt is done and mailed, so now the maine quilts project is getting quilted.  this along with the other 2 little quilts that got basted the other day will keep me busy for a week or so.  by then hope i can finish the center diamond and then maybe pineapple blossom?  we'll see....  *** sun is shining but quite cool here today, lucky to see 60; rain is on the way for most of the weekend.  even with less than perfect weather, hope to enjoy the days....

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

addendum to earlier post...

the pattern is called "new england sampler"

perfectly portable!

hard to say exactly how long this project has been waiting for some attention.  at this point it is probably my oldest UFO, or one of them anyway.  it is a row quilt project and the maple leaf row is done...easy patchwork.  all that's left are the 4 applique rows and decided to tackle it in earnest.  so row 1 is now ready to applique down.  a good warm weather portable project, i think. it's a brandywine design pattern.  *** today is the june day the poet described along ago...perfect!  ***  got 3 little quilts basted yesterday, so that means could have
3 more finishes very soon, good news indeed!  and it's a good dry day so hoping to mark more on the amish border and get that done in june as well.  plus there are more scraps to be cut up into usable they do multiply!  *** bon voyage to bonnie who is off to Ireland today!  ****  breakfast and the day are calling...enjoy!

Monday, June 3, 2013

thank you jiminy cricket

i've known it for a long time and that quilting guru, bonnie hunter, showed me how to put it into practice...that of using up every scrap.  jiminy said to let your conscience be your guide and in all good conscience, i couldn't just toss the leftover triangles from the pie birds runner.  so, like every loyal scrap saver, deconstructed them and ended up with a small stack of 1.5" pieces for future use.  and remember those little flying geese from baby emma?  yep, those are getting saved as well and sewn together for something or other.  it really pumped up my frugal gene to see these in the trash NOT!  ****  sunday sewing consisted of some quilting, some machine sewing and prepping another portable project.  yes, i was sorely tempted to start a NEW project but instead opted for a long-ago started project.  *** oh, and that green background?  it's the top of the laptop, which belonged to my late ex.  he loved everything green and almost everything he bought or wore was green.  *** it's another day to enjoy and first up is vacuuming; yes, i will ENJOY vacuuming because then i can sew! 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

almost a runner

this is the flimsy for the "pie birds" runner by kim diehl.  note, i did remove the chrome yellow piece and it is much better in my opinion.  it looks a bit wonky in the photo but has been measured and is fine.  the design wall is a bit fluid!   it gets bound in black it!  didn't get to kim's workshop when she came to maine, but have one of her books and some other patterns from online...and the fabrics, oh my!  **** got thru our bit of hot weather, it changes again today of course.  some serious tidying up in the sewing space for later.  little swap quilt ready to go.  now to tackle the maine quilts piece.  those are official UFOs so progress is coming along on the list.  haven't worked any more on the new red/cheddar project, but it's a no rush thing.  **** sun is up and ready to go, as am i....enjoy the day!