Sunday, August 24, 2014

birthday goodies!

after a long 8 hours at work on saturday, arrived back at the dungeon to find some birthday goodies in the mail.  first, from my dear kiddos these birthstone earrings PLUS a magazine subscription...aren't they lovely?  i think so too and will be wearing them on my birthday for sure.  next up is a squishie from vic in NH....and she made an adorable little repro quilt for me plus some gorgeous fabric to fondle.  we love the same fabrics so it's easy to find ones we both love....these will get popped into the washer today.

as for us in maine, we are still chilly at a brisk 53 degrees here this morning.   i have heard summer is coming back this week for a few days, so hoping there are more beach days in our future before fall arrives permanently.  *** busy making lists for fall retreat and planning which projects to take.  oh, almost forgot, one more birthday surprise to show....

a pair of karen kay buckley serrated scissors for precision fabric cutting....i had a small pair that evaporated somewhere which were super for applique, so i replaced them.  ***  my sunday to-do list is made and hoping to get a few things finished so can continue on busting stash!


  1. Happy Birthday, Grace! Nice gifties--and I think it is especially important to gift yourself something special. Looks like you do, too. : )
    Retreat is really getting close, isn't it? Fun times ahead!

  2. did I miss your birthday ...........happy birthday...........lovely earrings..........

  3. So glad that you like the loot that I sent, but those earrings are lovely! Good for you for replacing your favorite scissors, too. But you never said what magazine, is it quilty?

  4. Happy Birthday, great presents love that little quilt.
    the earrings are very pretty. don't you just love those scissors, worth every penny I think. a magazine subscription is a gift that keeps on giving all year long! Kathie