Wednesday, August 27, 2014

shameless promotion

have officially arrived on the cusp of the 3rd act of my life.  hoping all i have experienced and learned thus far will stand me in good stead, and that God will allow me many more days here with my dear family.  it's the big 65, retirement age for some but not me.  i don't feel 65, hoping i don't LOOK 65 either.  when my grandmother was 65 she wore hairnets, had white hair, took daily afternoon naps and wore clunky, laced, thick-heel orthopedic shoes.  the naps i understand as i often don't sleep long enough or get up very early, but the other stuff is totally foreign to me.  and what might a maine girl have to celebrate her birthday?  you guessed it....lobster!

these just came out of the pot and are begging to be tasted, so one must bear up!  LOL...have a wonderful day, even if it isn't YOUR birthday!


  1. Oh, happy birthday, my friend!
    I'm with you on the grandma thing. I remember thinking my grandma looked so old--I recently came across a photo of her that represented that time period and my Mom informed me that Grandma wasn't much older in that photo than I am now. Life must have been hard!
    Glad you are treating yourself to some luscious lobster. Hope it is a delightful day!

  2. Ahhh, lobstah, the best! Happy Birthday Grace!
    My grandmother was still collecting speeding tickets on the California Freeway at age 85, LOL! You seem to have found a nice balance between being way too sensible and having no common sense at all.

  3. Happy birthday...........have a great birthday................

  4. Happy Birthday Grace! Hope you had a wonderful day!