Friday, August 29, 2014

the past lives on.....

on a lark, went to google this morning to look up the previous owner of my antique sewing table.  it belonged to my ex-husband's grandmother, lila, and was given to me by my ex-father-in-law on the death of his wife, lila's daughter, maud erminie.  this is what i found.  top photo is lila at age 9 in 1886 and bottom photo is lila and her daughter, willena.  the spooky thing is, the top photo is a close resemblance to my own daughter, miss B.   also of interest, when i was married to miss B's father, his aunt, willena (above left) gifted me with a box of fabric scraps, patterns and patchwork pieces that belonged to lila, most of which i used to fix/create some vintage things.  and no, miss B did NOT inherit the (ahem) large nose, though she thinks hers is too large.  could have been worse, my dear!  anyway, i think lila would be happy to know her sewing table and scraps have been put to use....


  1. I love searching out ancestry and photos like this too; no doubt Lila would approve and be grateful that her prized possessions are of value and treasured by you; their link to family is priceless.

  2. Very interesting, Grace. Are you writing all of this down so Miss B will have the story? I wish my ancestors had put more of their stories on paper--and labeled all of their photos!!! : )

    1. yes janet.....documenting as much as i can so she will know her father's side better....