Tuesday, August 26, 2014

you probably don't....

EVER buy fabric that you just love without any idea at all how to use it, but confess that i do.  case in point, this piece....a half yard.  pretty colors, nice jacobean-esque print and outlined in gold....it called to me like a siren song and i caved.  i was playing in the stash the other day and came across it again, still loving it and thinking i should pull some fabics that "go" with it and think of a project, or at least cut off some strips to include in some scrappy projects going on right now.  but time was short and i just left it in the stash for another time.  i felt quite rich indeed with my stash and all the colors and patterns.  much like a fingerprint, it's mine alone, a collection born out of things i chose, others that were gifted....i can't wait to see it all neatly stacked in a cabinet like fine wines to inspire me and bring those project ideas swirling around in my head to life.  making my fingers itch already! 


  1. Oh, I never do that (dodging lightening strikes here, for lying). : )
    It is a beautiful piece, Grace.

  2. Of course not Grace. I'm sure that you are the only quilter on the planet who indulges themselves by buying gorgeous fabric that they fall in love with even though they don't have any need for it. Yep - the only one.

    Sydney, Australia