Saturday, August 23, 2014

up to date!

yep, the block for week #4 is done so i am current with this sew-along.  this is very good indeed.  i've also been doing some secret sewing, which i will be able to share very soon.  plus the hawaiian...despite working on it nearly all month, i am only about half done with the third quarter of getting the top basted.  i may just continue on with it, hoping it's ready to baste by the end of the year....maybe?   ****  we are in a cool spell here, this morning was 59 and has now climbed up to 61.  fans and a/c units are off, and i'm actually wearing sweat pants today.  **** it has been a tough week overall but not so tough it couldn't be tamed.  still suffering negative effects of an unnecessary surgery in 2010, which cannot fix itself.  but finding a provider who will facilitate this here in maine is nearly impossible.  until then will hobble along and be grateful it isn't worse. 


  1. So sorry you had a difficult week, but your block looks terrific! Good for you for staying current with the Marcus Brothers' Sew Along.

  2. I love your block. It is really pretty. I wish *we* were 59 here. We are suffering with a tremendous heat wave that will be with us till next Thursday or so. I'm not a fan. My sympathies for your hobbling. I took a nasty tumble on Monday and am hobbling along on crutches for a while. I am looking forward to your reveal of your "secret sewing"
    Kim in KY

  3. Secrets, huh? Can't wait to see!
    Sorry about your health issues. That must be such a frustration for you.
    Nice job catching up. My goodness--this blocks was just posted and you are already done!