Monday, August 25, 2014

M is for....

monday and mending too!  exercised my frugal gene and did some much needed repairs on not only some "unmentionables" but also an old drunkard's path quilt i made in the 1980s.  for this i had to fire up the old viking and her super zig-zag stitch.  now, i love phoebe and her perfect little stitch but she does have limitations, first of which is the sheer weight of the machine.  when i sew super fast on phoebe it feels like sometime she might just fly off the table, but not with the old viking.  this ultra-heavy, solid steel plaything is no lightweight at all.  she and trudy were constructed to last a lifetime and it may well be several before either gives up the ghost.   trudy and her treadle trappings were not meant to move around at all, and even though the old viking is considered a portable machine, one wouldn't want to carry her very far at all.  whereas phoebe, the little darling, is able to move anywhere quite easily.   so it seems i have the best of all machine possibilities, doesn't it?  **** summer is BACK!  i predict some beach time this week, at least 2 days and what better way to herald retirement age than lounging in the sand and playing in the time to check the list!


  1. My old Viking is my "go to" machine for mending, too, Grace. And I agree--though portable, it is not something I want to have to take with me. The featherweight is much easier to tote.
    Enjoy your beach days! : )

  2. Hi Grace, I know your birthday is some time this week (maybe today). Happy Birthday!