Saturday, August 30, 2014

10 quilting secrets

ok, have seen this around blogland and decided to jump in....confession, they say, is good for the soul and these may or may not be new to those of you who follow and read sort of regularly.

1.  yes, sew over pins and yes, i do occasionally break a needle.
2.  don't believe in using fusibles on my quilts....they are too new and who knows what the long-term result will be
3. not a perfectionist quilter; occasionally points don't match, seam junctions don't match; not worth losing sleep over
4.  don't square up my quilts as a rule, occasionally yes but not regularly
5.  yes,  do have too much fabric and yes i do buy more...have slowed down but not stopped
6.  yes,  do like aurifil best; use others but prefer aurifil for its thinness...all my girly machines love it
7.  no longer trek to many quilts shows; don't have to, internet fills that void nicely
8.  not a big fan of hexies....even tho i am making an amish honeycomb (hexagons) quilt but they are big ones, like 4"....little and teeny tiny ones take too much time for me
9.  would never make a yo-yo anything in my life
10.  no fan of "turning twenty" or similar boring patterns

there you have you can continue to read or not, your choice.   so what is on my quilty plate?  tying the baby quilt....all ready to start first thing sunday...hawaiian progress continues at snail's pace.  then some batik swap squares and i can move on to another UFO.  so are you ready to confess?


  1. We agree on a lot of things, but I'm not ready to admit which ones. jk : )

    1. no problem at all janet.....i like you anyway

  2. There was a lot of soul-baring when "quilty confessions" was my blog topic last week! It is nice to know how many kindred spirits we have.

  3. I'm with you, Grace, on sewing over pins and incurring the occasional needle breakage. I do it because I believe that it results in greater accuracy. My two other 'biggies' are (i) pressing everything with lots of steam and (ii) pullling the rotary cutter towards me rather than pushing it away from me.

    Sydney, Australia