Sunday, August 31, 2014

tie day

it's a gray day here, hot and humid too, so no beach but no problem!  baby quilt is ready to tie.  due to space limitations, this is the way it gets done.  start in the middle of course and then work out either side.  the binding fabric is at hand also...the orange polka should get completed in the next day or two.  then some swap squares and i can move on in UFO land.  the peek of the pinwheel quilt on the right is the end of my bed, yeah it's THAT close.  i have about the same amount of room on the other side of the bed as well, but formulating some plans to generate some additional sewing/sleeping space.  this quilt plus some applique on the hawaiian are on my list today...and who knows what it serendipity!


  1. Fun bright colors in your baby quilt! I loved your 10 quilty secrets, too!

  2. I love your happy color combination. Sure to make a baby smile (and a baby's mother). : )