Saturday, November 12, 2016

thinking ahead....

last week a friend and I visited a new guild for an amazing program featuring WWII quilts collector Sue all means go to hear her and see her quilts if you interesting!   at the end of the evening, my friend won a door prize....this book

but after leafing through it and finding many applique projects (which she doesn't do), she passed it along to lucky!  spied several possible projects (like I needed more!!!) and, with stash in mind, immediately honed in on this one....

tho a pillow is pictured, opted for a small valentiney wallhanging this morning (up 5 am) pulled out my fabrics and got it started....

hoping this will get done and NOT end up on the UFO list for next year.  along with this, made binding for donation quilt that's almost done, worked on guild's raffle quilt, some housecleaning, made a chocolate cream pie (yummm), cut background squares for a new project, sewed up some units for another project, puttered and organized in sewing space, made a christmas to-do list.....i guess that's about it....and there is plenty of day left so without further adieu.....


  1. The early bird gets the worm-- your chocolate cream pie sounds much more appetizing! ;) That Hugs & Kisses wallhanging is SEW cute!!

  2. Your wall hanging is adorable! Nice job!

  3. Chocolate cream pie--yum!! I often make that for my birthday "cake". : )
    Wow, you didn't waste any time getting something going from that book! Great fabrics.